Maserati Is Still Doing That New Supercar

Maserati Is Still Doing That New Supercar

We first heard about the Maserati MC20–what looks like a direct successor to the MC12—in February, but that was before the coronavirus pandemic hit, when it still maybe seemed prudent (?) for automakers to dump a bunch of money into making a new supercar. Right now, that proposition seems shakier, but Maserati is forging ahead.

What’s interesting about the MC20 is that Maserati says it will be the first Maserati to have an engine 100 per cent built and developed in-house (relevant in part because Ferrari will eventually stop supplying them with theirs.) We don’t know what kind of engine it is, nor much else about the car itself, though Car and Driver thinks it’ll be a twin-turbo V6, at least at first, with some kind of hybrid version coming later.

The car’s big reveal was, in fact, supposed to be around now, but it got pushed to September because of the pandemic. Instead, to keep the hype up–is there hype for this car? An interesting question to ponder—we get this prototype version in honour of the late Stirling Moss, in honour of his win at Monaco on this day in 1956 behind the wheel of a Maserati 250F.

The car looks fine? I mainly want to know how much cash Maserati dumped into developing this thing, especially since its getting its own engine, which isn’t cheap. Though I suppose if the reveal was planned for now, most of that money was already out the door by the time coronavirus hit, so why not finish the job.

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