Of Course Paul McGann’s Fighting Daleks on Audio for Doctor Who’s New Event

Of Course Paul McGann’s Fighting Daleks on Audio for Doctor Who’s New Event

I’m just saying, we shouldn’t be surprised. Doctor Who announced a new transmedia story event that involves audio dramas from Big Finish? Of course the Doctor defined by his history in the medium is going to be there. He’ll probably blow up a Dalek or six while he’s at it.

Big Finish has announced the first wave of audios it will release to tie in with this year’s Time Lord Victorious storyline, a new narrative bringing together the Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Doctors across books, audio, comics, and more, all starring Victoriousness pending). Set in and among the temporal calamities that is the Time War, the four adventures ” three full-cast audio dramas and a “Short Trips” anthology release revolving around the Master ” will see the Eighth Doctor fight the Daleks, negotiate on behalf of an alien world with the Daleks, get trapped on a disintegrating spaceship with the Daleks, and…

Meet an Ood name Brian?

Snazzy dresser, that Brian. (Image: Big Finish)
Snazzy dresser, that Brian. (Image: Big Finish)

Bet you thought it was gonna be a Dalek after all that pepperpot mania.

But yes, if all that Dalek-y goodness wasn’t enough ” the focus of The Enemy of My Enemy by Tracy Ann Baines and Mutually Assured Destruction by Lizzie Hopley, the latter of which has some real “Die Hard on a spaceship crashing through time” energy ” in Carrie Thompson’s He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not, the Doctor will investigate a missing Wonder of the Universe. But while doing so, he’ll encounter “one of his most dangerous and duplicitous adversaries.”

Who is an Ood. Named Brian. Bless this ridiculous franchise.

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All three Time Lord Victorious audio dramas, as well as the Short Trips collection ” including Master Thief by Sophie Iles and Lesser Evils by Simon Guerrier ” are available for preorder now at the Big Finish website. Short Trips: Time Lord Victorious will release alongside He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not in October, while The Enemy of My Enemy and Mutually Assured Destruction will release in November and December, respectively.

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