The Batman Universe Will Expand With an HBO Max Cop Show

The Batman Universe Will Expand With an HBO Max Cop Show

Robert Pattinson’s Batman hasn’t even finished filming yet as the upcoming film.

Though the show is currently untitled, some are calling it Gotham Central, a reference to the comic book series of the same name by Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker, Stefano Gaudiano, and Michael Clark. Whatever it’ll end up being called, the show has a straight to series commitment so, there’s little danger it won’t make it to air, with Winter writing and Reeves himself producing.

In a press release, HBO Max describes the show as building “upon the motion picture’s examination of the anatomy of corruption in Gotham City, ultimately launching a new Batman universe across multiple platforms. The series provides an unprecedented opportunity to extend the world established in the movie and further explore the myriad of compelling and complex characters of Gotham.”

Because the show is set in the same universe as The Batman there’s a chance Jeffrey Wright could appear as Commissioner Gordon, or maybe even Pattinson as Batman, but neither are confirmed, and casting has not yet begun.

“This is an amazing opportunity, not only to expand the vision of the world I am creating in the film, but to explore it in the kind of depth and detail that only a longform format can afford,” Matt Reeves said in a statement. “And getting to work with the incredibly talented Terence Winter, who has written so insightfully and powerfully about worlds of crime and corruption, is an absolute dream.”

“Our collaboration with Warner Bros. and DC allows us to elaborate and grow fan connections across these powerful brands for years to come,” added HBO Max chief content officer Kevin Reilly. “This is Batman as most audiences have never seen before and we know fans will want to spend more time in this new world inspired by the film.”

Now, all that said….while it’s very easy to be excited about a new Batman show and expanding the DC Universe and all that, maybe HBO should’ve looked outside its window. Is now really the time to be making another show glorifying police? In 2020? With people flooding the streets to protest police brutality? Don’t we have enough cop shows already? It’s curious timing for a show of this nature, to say the least.

Nevertheless, it is encouraging that Warner Bros. has this kind of confidence in Reeves’ film and vision. And, as shows like Gotham have proved, Batman’s hometown is ripe for compelling storytelling…although we had doubts this latest take will get anywhere near as wild as that last attempt at a Batman cop show.

The Batman is currently scheduled for release October 1, 2021 in the U.S.

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