Updates from Thor: Love and Thunder, Masters of the Universe, and More

Updates from Thor: Love and Thunder, Masters of the Universe, and More

Universal could help support Tom Cruise’s plans to go to space (for a movie). Brad Dourif will return as everyone’s favourite killer doll in Syfy’s take on Child’s Play. A year after committing, Amazon gives another go-ahead to its Paper Girls adaptation. Plus, what’s to come on Doom Patrol, and a tiny tease for Hulu’s Helstrom. Spoilers go!

Illustration: Jim Cooke
Illustration: Jim Cooke

Tom Cruise’s Actual Space Movie

Universal is currently circling Tom Cruise’s plans to shoot a movie in outer space. The project, currently helmed by Doug Liman, will begin in earnest after Cruise has finished filming the delayed seventh and eighth entries in the Mission Impossible franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Little Mermaid

According to the DisInsider, Disney is circling Kacey Musgraves for the the role of Ursula’s human persona, Vanessa.

The Wild

Patrick Brice (Creep, Creep 2) is attached to direct a film adaptation of Owen Laukkanen’s survival-horror novel, The Wild, for HBO MAX. The story follows a group of teenage girls shipped off to a wilderness boot camp by the parents. Unfortunately, “what happens in the woods isn’t what their parents planned.”


Thor: Love and Thunder

In conversation with the BBC, Taika Waititi described the script for Thor: Love & Thunder as “insane” and “romantic”.

I think it’s going to be really good. We’ve finished, we’ve been writing the script off and on for over a year and I’m just, actually this week, doing another pass on it. It is so insane and also very romantic. I’m into romances now. I just want to make a romance. I want to make something that I’ve never done or never cared for. I would like to attack something like that.


In even more pandemic-induced shuffling, Antlers will now reach U.S. theatres February 19, 2021. [Bloody-Disgusting]

Saint Maud

Speaking of, although A24 has yet to set another new release date, Bloody-Disgusting has a new poster for Saint Maud.

Photo: A24
Photo: A24

New Mutants

Twitter has released a set of New Mutants tie-in emojis, if that’s your jam, announced as part of the movie’s Comic-Con at Home panel yesterday.


TV Line reports Brad Dourif is now officially confirmed to return as the voice of Chucky in Syfy’s new Child’s Play series.

His Dark Materials

Deadline has word Terence Stamp, Jade Anouka and Simone Kirby have joined the cast of His Dark Materials season two. Stamp will play Giacomo Paradisi, “the bearer of the Subtle Knife who lives in the Torre de Angeli (Tower of the Angels) in Cittàgazze” while Anouka has been cast as the witch queen, Ruta Skadi, “who joins forces with Serafina Pekkala against the Magisterium.” Kirby joins as as Dr Mary Malone, “the head of a Dark Matter Research Team at an Oxford University in our world.”

The Babysitter

Lookout is teaming with Chernin Entertainment for a television series based on R.L. Stine’s quadrilogy of Babysitter novels. The series concern the trials and tribulations of Jenny Jeffers, a repeatedly traumatized teenage babysitter.

Paper Girls

Amazon has officially ordered Stephany Folsom, Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers’s adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn and Cliff Chiang’s Paper Girls to series, just over a year after it first TV Line]

Shining Girls

Elisabeth Moss will star in and produce a television adaptation of Lauren Beukes’ “metaphysical thriller” Shining Girls at Apple TV+. Moss will play “a Chicago reporter who is assaulted and then finds her reality rapidly changing as she tries to find her attacker.” [TV Line]

Masters of the Universe

Kevin Smith provided an update on his He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series during a recent episode of his Fatman Beyond podcast.

I did recording today remotely for Masters of the Universe ” all the recording sessions now you have one person here, one person here, and one person there. The other day, we finished Lena Headey’s stuff, which was awesome. She’s over in the UK, so it was early in the morning for us, like 8 a.m. but whatever time it is over there. I could just listen to her all f***ing day long, man. She just brings it and chews that f***ing dialogue and makes it so good. Think of anyone in your life, have them say “˜wretched,’ and she beats them. Stephen Root finished up all of his Cringer stuff, absolutely wonderful. We finished Chris Wood and all the He-Man/Prince Adam stuff. We finished up Sarah Michelle Gellar for all the Teela stuff and today was like all Mark [Hamill]. All of the Skeletor stuff is now recorded. I’ve heard now all of the scripts brought to life. I’ve heard the last line of the show, so it’s been fantastic.

Star Trek: Discovery

Michelle Yeoh teased Georgiou’s response to having been flung 900 years in the future at the beginning of Star Trek: Discovery‘s third season.

I think she’s really pissed off. It’s like, “˜Michael Burnham, don’t get in my way.’ [She] always finds her way into adapting. She’s a survivor with many skills, and a formidable ally”¦or an enemy.

[TV Line]

The Stand

According to Josh Boone, his upcoming miniseries adapting Stephen King’s The Stand will be a cross between Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Natural Born Killers.

[We] thought about like Close Encounters and the way those Spielberg movies felt in the “˜70s, and crazy Oliver Stone movies in the “˜90s. Kind of merging those things to tell this epic, dark fantasy. I think it’ll be really cool. The main thing we have going for us that the original didn’t have going for it is that we can really do it at a really high level in terms of the R-rated content and things like that which just weren’t possible then.



Hulu has released a Helstrom motion poster ahead of the Comic-Con panel happening later today.

Wizards: Tales of Arcadia

The gang is transported to medieval Camelot in a trailer for Wizards, the “final chapter” of the Tales of Arcadia saga.

Doom Patrol

Rita becomes a full-fledged beekeeper, sort of, in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Dad Patrol”.

Agents of SHIELD

Finally, Daisy reunites with Jiaying and Kora in the trailer for “Stolen”, next week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD.

Banner art by Jim Cooke.

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