Noah Hawley Teases His On-Hold Star Trek Movie

Noah Hawley Teases His On-Hold Star Trek Movie

Disney is considering some big schedule shifts for Black Widow and Soul. Norman Reedus has got himself involved in another comic book adaptation. Plus, Netflix is already getting in the Christmas spirit, and Falcon and the Winter Solider set pictures tease some familiar faces. Spoilers get!

Illustration: Jim Cooke
Illustration: Jim Cooke

Noah Hawley’s Star Trek

Speaking with Variety, Noah Hawley revealed his planned Star Trek movie concerning “a virus that wipes out vast parts of the known universe” appears totally unrelated to established franchise characters until its closing moments.

We’re not doing Kirk and we’re not doing Picard. It’s a start from scratch that then allows us to do what we did with Fargo, where for the first three hours you go, ‘Oh, it really has nothing to do with the movie,’ and then you find the money. So you reward the audience with a thing that they love.


Lizzy Caplan, Antony Starr, Cleopatra Coleman, and Woody Norman have joined the cast of Cobweb, an upcoming horror-thiller from Samuel Bodwin said to concern a young boy who “hears a mysterious tapping from inside the walls of his home and suspects his parents are hiding a terrible secret.” [THR]

Ronan Boyle and the Bridge of Riddles

Fergal Reilly will direct an animated film adaptation of Tom Lennon’s Ronan Boyle and the Bridge of Riddles at Dreamworks. The story concerns the titular Ronan Boyle, an Irish teenager who faces off against “leprechauns, undead goblins and many other legendary creatures of Celtic lore” as he tries to exonerate his parents for the theft of a national treasure.


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Don’t Look Back

Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick’s directorial debut Don’t Look Back is now scheduled for an October 16, 2020 released both theatrically and on-demand.


Black Forest

Unhinged’s Derrick Borte is now attached to direct Black Forest, an upcoming horror-thriller in which “a group of university students backpacking through Germany’s famed Black Forest” are mysteriously “transported back in time to The Middle Ages. Separated and hunted by local villagers, the students find themselves targets in a Medieval-style witch hunt.”


Black Widow/Soul

Amid ongoing covid-19 concerns, Disney is currently considering a new release date for Black Widow as well as a potential Disney+ release for Pixar’s Soul., according to Variety — however, Deadline notes that Soul’s theatrical release may still be on the cards. We’ll keep you updated.


Likewise, STX Films has pushed back the upcoming Gerard Butler/Morena Baccarin disaster movie, Greenland, from its planned September 25 release to an unspecified date in 2021. [Variety]

The Wolf of Snow Hollow

We have our first look at the upcoming werewolf movie starring Robert Forster and Rikki Lindhome.

Photo: Orion Classics
Photo: Orion Classics
Photo: Orion Classics
Photo: Orion Classics
Photo: Orion Classics
Photo: Orion Classics


A group of flunkies-for-hire becomes superheroes in the trailer for Henchmen, featuring the voices of Thomas Middleditch, James Marsden, Rosario Dawson, Alfred Molina, Will Sasso, Nathan Fillion, Rob Riggle, Jane Krakowski, Craig Robinson, and Bobcat Goldthwait.

The Christmas Chronicles 2

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn return as Mr. and Mrs. Claus in the first trailer for The Christmas Chronicles 2.

Undone By Blood

Meanwhile, Norman Reedus is attached to produce (and possibly star in) a new series at AMC adapting Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler’s western comic book, Undone By Blood. The story concerns a woman in the 1970s consulting an old western novel on how to properly kill the man who murdered her family. [Deadline]

Mega City Smiths

AMC is also developing Mega City Smiths, a stop-motion animated comedy from Steve Conrad starring “baby dolls repurposed as a grown-up cast of characters.” The story follows “an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of fictional metropolis Mega City’s most famous magnate. Two intrepid detectives follow the case, rallying to fight against their city’s dangerous corruption, at a high cost to themselves and their families, all in pursuit of a gentler place to call home.” [Deadline]

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

New photos of Emily VanCamp (Sharon Carter), Georges St. Pierre (Batroc the Leaper), and Desmond Chiam (undisclosed rol) on the set of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier have surfaced.

Raised By Wolves

Spoiler TV has a synopsis for the sixth episode of Raised By Wolves. Click through for more images.

EPISODE 106: Lost Paradise – Thursday, September 17

Directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan

After rekindling her connection to her creator, Mother (Amanda Collin) finds herself distracted by intense feelings she didn’t know she was capable of having, unaware that Marcus (Travis Fimmel), Sue (Niamh Algar) and the Mithraic are closing in on the settlement.

Photo: HBO Max
Photo: HBO Max


Finally, Adult Swim has released a trailer for the next five episodes of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal.

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