It’s Not AirPower, but Apple Does Have a Wireless Charger For Your Phone and Watch

It’s Not AirPower, but Apple Does Have a Wireless Charger For Your Phone and Watch

MagSafe is now on the iPhone, and that means Apple has a new charger that will juice up both your iPhone and your Apple Watch. It doesn’t quite live up to the promise of AirPower, but it’s close enough.

If you don’t remember MagSafe, it was the name of the charging system in older MacBook Pros. The charger would connect to the computer magnetically to charge, so if you accidentally got caught on a cable, you didn’t take your computer with you.

The new MagSafe is doing the same thing, but for your iPhone. The charger just latches onto the back of the phone magnetically, honing in on the right spot presumably as the Apple Watch also finds its charger sweet spot.

Not only does MagSafe support wireless charging, but Apple will be releasing a bunch of new charging and everyday phone accessories to go with it. Those accessories include a magnetic leather wallet that snaps onto the back of your iPhone, complete with a little pouch to hold your credit cards; a phone pocket that recognises when the phone has been slipped in and automatically adjusts the screen to peep through a little peekaboo window, and, best of all, a new DuoCharger, which wirelessly charges your phone and watch at the same time. See? AirPower! Sort of.

Belkin is also designing a new array of Apple phone accessories, like a new car dock that will let your phone hang out on the dash and a new charging stand.

Accessories are expected to ship after the launch of the new lineup of iPhones 12, which all support MagSafe charging.

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