A Third Quiet Place Movie Is on Track for 2022

A Third Quiet Place Movie Is on Track for 2022

With the delayed release of A Quiet Place Part II now set for early next year, Paramount is already working on expanding the franchise. It’s hired director Jeff Nichols to make a third film in the series, based on an idea by franchise co-creator, star, and director John Krasinski.

Deadline broke the news of the project, which it reports is already slated for a 2022 release. There’s no word on what the story will be, especially since we don’t know what secrets or revelations happen in the second movie, but it’s expected to somehow expand the world more.

That world, in case you forgot, is a place where aliens with super sensitive hearing came and basically killed everyone. The few people who survived have adapted to be very quiet, so as to not attract the aliens and stay alive. Both movies, the 2018 original as well as the upcoming 2021 sequel, focused mostly on one family, lead by Emily Blunt. But, there’s a whole world out there impacted by these creatures.

Jeff Nichols is a name not a lot of people instantly recognise, but they probably should. He’s only directed a handful of movies, but they’re all pretty damn good, and two of them — Take Shelter and Midnight Special, both of which starred Michael Shannon — are really intriguing, enlightening genre films. He’s a methodical, patient filmmaker whose style absolutely fits in with the deliberately paced, tense world of A Quiet Place.

And of course, Part II was one of the first movies delayed earlier this year due to the covid-19 pandemic. After its March release was bumped, the plan was first to release it in September but now it’ll come out on April 22, 2021.