This Questionnaire Will Help You Figure Out What To Study

This Questionnaire Will Help You Figure Out What To Study
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There’s nothing that should ever discourage you from going to uni, and that includes not knowing exactly what you want to do in life.

For a lot of people, it can take a long while until they figure out what field they want to get into.

To help guide you on your journey, we’ve created a questionnaire that takes your interests and opinions into consideration and recommends the undergraduate or postgraduate courses that could be right up your alley.

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The questionnaire isn’t designed to give you rigid direction, it’s more to encourage you to consider courses that might not have crossed your mind previously. You’ll walk away knowing a bit more about potential courses and best-case scenario, you come out on the other side of the quiz with a potential career path ready to go.

If you’re already working and simply need a hand switching careers, there’s a great write-up about it here.

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