Batwoman’s Javicia Leslie Suits Up in the First Season 2 Trailer

Batwoman’s Javicia Leslie Suits Up in the First Season 2 Trailer

Gotham’s got a new sheriff, and she’s not messing around. Batwoman has revealed the first look at season two, which sees Javicia Leslie replacing Ruby Rose as the Caped Crusader. But it looks like not everybody is ready for this new hero to don the cowl.

The CW has shared a new teaser for the first episode of Batwoman season two, which sees Gotham in turmoil following the disappearance of Kate Kane (Rose). Not wanting the city to end up in the hands of Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and her goons, Ryan Wilder (Leslie) vows to tape up Kate’s mantle and become the latest line of defence. However, as we see in the trailer, most of Kate’s team isn’t ready to welcome this new arrival.

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Leslie joined the series after Rose announced her departure from Batwoman after one season. It was jarring to see the lead actress of one of CW’s newest superhero shows ending her tenure so quickly, but Leslie has risen to the task and promises to make the role (and show) distinctly her own. Gotham might not be ready for Ryan, but Batwoman sure is.

The series returns with season two on January 17. Twinkle twinkle.