Hawkeye Set Footage Teases the Arrival of Marvel’s Next Avenging Archer

Hawkeye Set Footage Teases the Arrival of Marvel’s Next Avenging Archer

Scream producer William Sherak says the fifth movie is going to weird lengths to keep its ending under wraps. After Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Bros. is considering more streaming debuts for its future films. Plus, get a look at Nancy Drew’s second season, and No Time to Die might take even longer to come out than it already has. Spoilers, assemble!

Hawkeye Set Footage Teases the Arrival of Marvel’s Next Avenging Archer


Speaking with Cinema Blend, producer William Sherak revealed multiple fake scripts were handed out to the cast and crew of Scream 5 in order to keep its ending a secret.

I think the two things to remember for us. One is there are multiple versions of the draft out there and most of the cast don’t know if they have the right version or not. So, we’ve been playing that game with them as well. And the fun of a Scream movie is that everyone is guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around. So, the goal is to keep that going for as long as possible and have fun with it.

The King’s Man/Mortal Kombat/Tom & Jerry

According to Variety, Warner Bros. has or is currently considering direct-to-streaming releases for The King’s Man, Mortal Kombat, and Tom & Jerry amidst ongoing covid-19 concerns.

No Time to Die

Meanwhile, the twenty-fifth James Bond movie may be delayed once again due to MGM’s insistence it receives a theatrical release amid an ongoing global pandemic. [Variety]


New set footage has our first look at Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfield in Hawkeye.

Relatedly, Jeremy Renner teased the coming of Kate Bishop on Twitter.


Spoiler TV has titles for the first five episodes of Legacies’ third season.

Legacies – Episode 3.01 – We’re Not Worthy

Legacies – Episode 3.02 – Goodbyes Sure Do Suck

Legacies – Episode 3.03 – Salvatore: The Musical!

Legacies – Episode 3.04 – Hold on Tight

Legacies – Episode 3.05 – This is What It Takes

Swamp Thing

Adrienne Barbeau makes her glorious return to Swamp Thing in the trailer for next week’s CW airing of, “Long Walk Home.”

Nancy Drew

Finally, Nancy Drew prepares for another supernatural mystery in the trailer for season two — one which includes an interesting-looking ghost with what appears to be a naturally occurring “crown” of bone at the 49-second mark.

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