Patty Jenkins Teases Her Star Wars Rogue Squadron Movie

Patty Jenkins Teases Her Star Wars Rogue Squadron Movie

Nancy Drew is adding deep cut kid’s lit stars. Superman & Lois gives us a new look at our heroes at home. The Witcher’s second season resumes production. Plus, what’s to come in The Outpost, and Dwayne Johnson just can’t help himself teasing Black Adam.

Patty Jenkins Teases Her Star Wars Rogue Squadron Movie

Rogue Squadron

In conversation with IGN, Patty Jenkins stated her upcoming Rogue Squadron movie will be an “original” story “with great influence from the games and books.”

We’re doing something original with great influence from the games and the books…there’s a lot of things being acknowledged and understood about the greatness of all of those things, but yes, it’s an original story and I’m so psyched to do it.


Searchlight Pictures has removed the Guillermo del Toro-produced horror film, Antlers, from its 2021 release schedule, entirely. No new date has been given. [Bloody-Disgusting]

Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson shared another gym photo of himself while boasting, “the hierarchy of the DC Universe is about to change.”

Battle in Space: The Armada Attacks

Doug Jones hosts his own sci-fi anthology in the trailer for Battle in Space: The Armada Attacks.

Nancy Drew

Aadila Dosani has joined the cast of Nancy Drew’s second season as Amanda Bobbsey of the Bobbsey Twins. According to Deadline, “Amanda is charming, but possesses a manic energy and street smarts as a result of growing up poor and on the wrong side of the tracks. Often resorting to petty crimes with her twin brother, Amanda puts herself and her twin above everyone and everything else.” Praneet Akilla (October Faction) has additionally been tapped to play Amanda’s twin brother, Gil Bobbsey.

The Witcher

Production has resumed on The Witcher following a “minor leg muscle injury” Henry Cavill sustained “while on an assault course, working at a height of 20ft while wearing a safety harness.” [Deadline]

Superman & Lois

The CW released a new promotional photo for Superman & Lois.

Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW

The Outpost

Talon and Zed learn “painful truths” about their relatives in the synopsis for “Where Death Lives,” the December 27 episode of The Outpost.

IT HAS BEGUN – Talon (Jessica Green) and Zed (Reece Ritchie) learn painful truths about their relatives. Tobin (Aaron Fontaine) makes a heroic rescue and Yavalla’s (Jaye Griffiths) horde grows as the Outpost prepares for battle. Izuka Hoyle, Anand Desai-Barochia, Adam Johnson, Jake Stormoen, and Georgia May Foote also star. The episode was written by Jason Faller & Kynan Griffin and directed by Milan Todorovic (#3A12).

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