The Voice of Doctor Who’s Daleks Runs Down His All-Time Favourite Lines

The Voice of Doctor Who’s Daleks Runs Down His All-Time Favourite Lines

As Doctor Who’s “Revolution of the Daleksfestive special draws near, the villains of the piece are enjoying an extra push of publicity — or they would be, if Daleks could feel enjoyment. By contrast, the longtime voice of the Daleks, actor Nicholas Briggs, is delightful, as this video showcasing his techniques bears out.

Unfortunately, you won’t get any new plot info on “Revolution of the Daleks” here, but you will get a fun rundown of Briggs’ favourite classic Dalek lines from various Doctor Who episodes over the years. Incredibly, “Exterminate!” isn’t one of them!

If you want to try this at home, Briggs explains, some audio equipment is required — as is motivating yourself to be in a state of fury. But really, if you want to run around bellowing things like “YOU WOULD MAKE A GOOD DAAAALEK” at your enemies (or your mischievous pets, noisy neighbours, pieces of furniture that you accidentally bump into, and so on), you can always freestyle it.

You can hear even more of Briggs on the five-part animated series Daleks!, now available on the Doctor Who YouTube channel as well as a small teaser from the Daleks’ takeover of the official twitter account earlier today:

Doctor Who’s “Revolution of the Daleks,” which will be the last time we’ll see companions Tosin Cole and Bradley Walsh alongside Jodie Whittaker aboard the TARDIS, premieres New Year’s Day at 8 p.m. ET/PT on BBC America.

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