Disney’s Squirrel Superhero Movie Is Here…No, Not That One

Disney’s Squirrel Superhero Movie Is Here…No, Not That One

Disney just revealed the first trailer for a brand new superhero movie about a girl and her squirrel. But surprisingly, it’s not Marvel’s Squirrel Girl.

It’s called Flora & Ulysses, based on the 2014 Newbery Award-winning book written by Kate DiCamillo and illustrated by K.G. Campbell. It follows a girl named Flora (Matilda Lawler) who finds and befriends a squirrel with superpowers named Ulysses. Hence, the title.

Alyson Hannigan plays Flora’s mum, Ben Schwartz is one person who actually believes her, Danny Pudi plays an evil trapper, and Janeane Garofolo and Kate McCucci have roles too. Honestly, it looks adorable and it being Disney means this trailer doesn’t skimp on the Marvel Comics or Marvel music. Check it out.

Coming straight to Disney+ on February 19, you have to think the blend of family-friendly sweetness and superhero themes will get people to watch.

What I’m wondering, though, is if Ulysses actually has superpowers, or if it’s all in the mind of this comic book-obsessed girl? From the descriptions I read, it doesn’t seem like the book takes the idea of a superhero squirrel literally; instead, it’s Flora’s way of coping with her parents divorce. The movie, on the other hand, seems to take it more seriously, at least based on the trailer. So it’ll be interesting to see if the film does away with that angle entirely, plays it as a surprise, or makes it known from the start.

Either way, we’re curious to see it. And maybe if the film is a huge hit, Kevin Feige will dust off a copy of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, call Anna Kendrick, and make magic happen.