A New Transformers Show About ‘Found Family’ Is Coming to Nickelodeon

A New Transformers Show About ‘Found Family’ Is Coming to Nickelodeon

We love a found family story around these parts — especially if the family also happens to be giant robots that can turn into trucks.

Hasbro has announced a new partnership between its Entertainment One studio and Nickelodeon to release a brand new Transformers animated series. Unlike the recent fare like Netflix’s War for Cybertron trilogy — which has presented a darker, G1-inspired take on the canon for older fans — this new show seems much more in line with series like Transformers Animated or Robots in Disguise: a light-hearted action-comedy take on Optimus and pals.

Or maybe not Optimus and pals, specifically: interestingly, the show isn’t a retelling of the classic Autobot/Decepticon conflict. Deadline reports that the series is about a group of a new kind of Transformer that seeks to find their place in the world, whether that world be Earth or Cybertron, after being adopted by a human family.

The premise alone — and the fact that it’s not the umpteenth take on the War for Cybertron — is intriguing enough. But add in the fact that the creative team is lead by a group including Transformers: Rescue Bot’s Nicole Dubuc, and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Ant War and Dale Malinowski, and you’ve got the potential for this new show to do something very fun with the Transformers mythos.

We’ll bring you more on Nick’s plans for Transformers as and when we learn them.

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