Boyd Holbrook Discusses the Involved Process to Nab His Role on Netflix’s The Sandman

Boyd Holbrook Discusses the Involved Process to Nab His Role on Netflix’s The Sandman

Boyd Holbrook (Logan) is set to appear in The Sandman as one of the story’s most unnerving characters: The Corinthian, an escaped nightmare with a ravenous appetite. It was, apparently, not an easy gig to get.

In an interview with Collider, the actor lays out the process that led to him getting the role on Netflix’s Neil Gaiman adaptation. It took a while.

“It was a long process,” he said. “I read the script and they were really adamant about everyone auditioning, so I went in – it must have been like a year ago, probably – and then I didn’t hear anything until probably like September or something like that. Anyways it was a long process, and the conversation just started and they wanted to tape again and they wanted me to meet with Neil which I was really interested in doing and talking about just how the show was going to be done.”

This meeting was important, and let him get a feel for the fact that, yeah, this show seemed pretty cool.

“Just because a project gets greenlit doesn’t mean things are gonna go great, you kinda wanna suss out who’s involved and how are you gonna do things and what’s the approach and to make sure everything lines up and makes sense to do,” he said. “Neil has done this for 30 years so you don’t want to lead with the wrong foot. You want to get the ship in the water and point in the right direction from the get-go, because that’s something that’s really hard to reverse-engineer.”

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He also shared some of the show’s schedule, which included a shoot that started this past Christmas and is planned to go until the early winter. So far, it’s only officially slated for one season, but there will likely be more, it seems: “I think everyone wants the show to continue [beyond Season 1]. I think it’s a standard contract that’s like seven, five years whatever. We have talked about all that. I don’t know if it’ll all work out. I think it might work out in different blocks of time, but yeah you definitely want to have some sort of macro idea of how long something’s gonna last. But I don’t wanna give away the details of how long.”

The Sandman has no firm release date as of yet.