Tesla Cybertruck Door Leaves a Gash in Owner’s Leg

Tesla Cybertruck Door Leaves a Gash in Owner’s Leg

After a social media video circulated showing the Tesla Cybertruck’s frunk chopping veggies, we went through a week of idiots posting videos online to prove that the frunk was actually safe. Only then we saw that it wasn’t after one owner damn near got his finger broken trying to prove a point. Now, just over a day after that same man was willing to put his toes in danger to prove…something. Now, there’s word that another part of the Cybertruck may be just as dangerous.

An owner posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum about the danger of the truck’s door. The owner described how, after hopping out the truck while it was parked on an incline, they managed “to clip the very corner of the door against my leg.” While they say the corner of the door isn’t sharp, it was apparently sharp enough that it cut a deep gash in their leg — to the point where it looks like it could use stitches.

We’ve declined to include the image, but you can see it in its full bloody glory over on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum.

From what we’ve seen in various pictures of the Cybertruck’s doors, the bottoms of them do look pretty angular, so much so that they could cause some real damage in certain situations. Like scraping your leg against one. There’s even a warning about the doors in the Cybertruck’s manual, which is something owners apparently never glanced over. In it, there’s warnings for both the edges of trucks doors:


Use caution around the panel edges on Cybertruck, including the doors, powered frunk, tailgate, and surrounding panels.

And for pulling them open since they don’t have normal door handles:


When pulling the door open, always grasp the door at the top, as shown. Keep hands and fingers away from the opening edge and supervise children if they open and close the doors. This is especially important when handling a front door where the opening edge can cause injury when opening or closing the associated rear door. Neglecting to follow the correct opening procedure for front and rear doors can lead to injury.

As with anything with Tesla though, even an injury can’t shake the belief that many of these owners have in this company and its products. The owner didn’t seem to even be bothered about his leg having a deep gash, saying “I’m clumsy, so this is 100% my fault lol I still love the truck!”

This article originally appeared on Jalopnik.

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