Fortnite Is Hosting an Animated Film Festival, Because Sure, Why Not

Fortnite Is Hosting an Animated Film Festival, Because Sure, Why Not

Hello, fellow kids! I’m hip teen Bob Ricken, here to tell you about the newest development going on over at our favorite video game, Fortnite! The game our parents just don’t understand will be hosting an honest-to-goodness film festival of animated shorts, because kids—cough, um, we kids love our cartoons, am I right?

Unfortunately, these shorts won’t include some of our favorite teen anime series like, uh, the most recent Gundam series that came out, and…(mutters to selfNaruto…kidKid NarutoSon of Naruto? (resumes talking)…the one with Naruto’s son in it! They still look fun, though:

Particularly, that animated short with the pink bear looks neat! What a wild and funky character she seems to be! Maybe if we’re lucky, there’ll be a character of her in the game for real someday!

The film festival will play on the Party Royale screen, where Chris Nolan once screened Inception and Star Wars revealed Rise of Skywalker clip, because that’s Fortnite at this point. It’s definitely the right way to reach teens like you—like ourselves because the only thing teens like us like more than Fortnite is watching various media entertainment titles on our phone screens—so this is like the best of both worlds!

Titled “Short Nite,” the festival will include 30 minutes of animated short films from around the world. This is also good, since half an hour is about the maximum span of attention we teens can focus on anything. And if you are distracted with something else during the show, like your fidget spinners or Ed Sheeran or something, the fest will run for 24 continuous hours after debuting at 6:00 a.m. AEDT on February 22.