The Best Meme Stocks And Cryptocurrencies That Aren’t Dogecoin

The Best Meme Stocks And Cryptocurrencies That Aren’t Dogecoin

The GameStop-Reddit phenomenon has opened the floodgates for casual investors intrigued by the prospect of stocks and cryptocurrencies, like Dogecoin. What started as an ‘in-joke’ on Reddit has highlighted not only the accessibility of the stock market, but also how strange investing can be. In the wake of GameStop’s unexpected popularity, many began looking to other ‘joke’ meme stocks and cryptocurrencies to invest in to see how much chaos they could cause. Some people, as the iconic phrase goes, just want to see the world burn.

The frenzy on stocks of all kinds led to the re-emergence of cryptocurrency Dogecoin in the popular conversation as casual investors bought up enough coins to raise its price by 600% in a 24-hour window. But Dogecoin coin isn’t the only ‘joke’ meme stock kicking around the market. As chaos reigns, let’s take a look at all the iconic joke stocks and cryptos of years passed.

Note: None of this should be considered financial advice. We do not advise staking bets on the wild and wonderful world of meme stocks and cryptocurrencies.

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coinye meme stocks

Coinye is a now-defunct cryptocurrency that nabbed the likeness of Kanye West without his backing. The creators wound up being sued and the coin was removed from the market, but we should always remember the legend that could’ve been. Long live Coinye, and everything it stood for.


A name like Titcoin is pretty self-explanatory, but if you need a helping hand: this coin is designed to be used in the pornography industry for making discrete online transactions. If you’re looking from a crypto that encourages freedom and tolerance, you’re on the money with the wonderfully-named Titcoin.

SunCoke Energy Inc (SXC)

SunCoke Energy is a legitimate business that operates as a processing and handling company for the steel, coal and power industries. But what you really need to know is that it trades under the moniker SXC (very nice, very sexy).

The stock might be fairly reliable but if it’s SXC by name, then it’s SXC by nature. This might be amongst the sauciest businesses on the stock exchange.


potcoin weird stocks cryptocurrencies
Image: Potcoin

Potcoin is endorsed by the legendary Dennis Rodman and if you can trust anyone, you can trust Dennis Rodman.

This crypto is designed for the legal cannabis industry and allegedly rewards users by providing them with discounts on cannabis-related products. While marijuana is still illegal in most parts of Australia, its time in the sun could soon come.


Remember that scene in James Cameron’s Avatar when they talk about Unobtanium? Congratulations, you remember more about the movie than anyone else.

Despite having a minimal impact on cinema, Avatar‘s legacy lives on in the form of cryptocurrency Unobtanium, named after the rare substance found in the film. Surprisingly, you can actually obtain it.

VanEck Vectors Agribusiness Etf (MOO)

LikeSunCoke Energy, VanEck Vectors Agribusiness ETF is a legitimate business. But just like SunCoke, it’s at the mercy of a very funny stock ticker. If you invest in the company, you’ll own MOO shares. MOO. Alternatively, you could invest in VCA Inc and get WOOF shares. Build up enough and you’ll have a whole menagerie.


WhooperCoin was a crypto started by Burger King in Russia and yes, it’s the most delicious cryptocurrency on the menu. Investors in WhopperCoin could redeem one real-life Whopper with 1,7000 WhopperCoins, making it one of the most rewarding investments on the market.

Sadly, you can no longer purchase WhopperCoin but we’ll always have the delicious, delicious memories.


Image: Nyancoin

Everybody likes Nyan Cat, right? It’s a staple of the early internet. An icon. So why wouldn’t you want to invest in an alternate cryptocurrency featuring Nyan Cat’s adorable face? Nyancoin is the feline equivalent to Dogecoin, and deserves just as much attention. Long live the rainbow poptart cat.

Cthulhu Offerings

If you’ve ever wanted to pledge your allegiance to a dark, Lovecraftian god, Cthulhu Offerings has you covered. According to its pledge, all investors in this dark crypto coin will be rewarded, although the ‘bounty’ mentioned may not be what you bargained for:

During the last five days, the ‘Tharanak shagg,’ or “promise of dreamland,” the ritual reaches final pitch and the daily special blocks are highly increased. Finally Cthulhu will return after the xxx665th offering has paid tribute to the Great Old One and he will bestow a bounty deserving of Him upon one lucky worshiper. The ritual can be repeated after six months time, following the great halving.

Invest in this crypto at the risk of your soul.

It’s a strange world out there, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. As the fallout from the GameStop drama continues, we’re likely to see interest in other meme stocks and cryptocurrencies continue.

Keep an eye on that financial horizon.

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