Pixar’s Luca Trailer Gives Us Something Fishy

Pixar’s Luca Trailer Gives Us Something Fishy

I guess even sea monsters have to come of age.

Pixar dropped the first trailer for its newest film, Luca, which looks sunnier than most of the studio’s fare — both literally, and figuratively. The movie’s Italian town and countryside look almost mouth-wateringly beautiful as the place where the two teenaged sea monster Luca and Alberto spend their summer in the surface world.

While Pixar movies are renowned for making adults weep huge, bitter tears for the loss of their childhood innocence, it’s tough to tell exactly how Pixar is going to break the hearts of Luca’s audiences, although the conflict is clearly going to be about Luca and Alberto trying to keep their sea monster identities a secret. On the other hand, just seeing those beautiful, technicolor, lovingly rendered Italian vistas after a year cooped up inside is kind of heartbreaking all on its own.

Luca, inspired by director Enrico Casarosa’s childhood memories, will star Room’s Jacob Tremblay as the title character, Shazam’s Jack Dylan Grazer as Alberto, as well as Maya Rudolph, Jim Gaffigan, Emma Berman, and Marco Barricelli.

The film was originally scheduled for June 18, 2021, but now Disney is just saying “summer” (Australia’s winter) presumably in hopes that theatres will be somewhat more operational in the near future.

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