Star Wars: The Bad Batch and Loki Get Premiere Dates

Star Wars: The Bad Batch and Loki Get Premiere Dates

We’re still fuzzy on 2021’s ever-shifting movie release dates, but that’s not the case for series coming soon to streamers. Disney+ just released a slew of premiere dates we’re pretty sure won’t change — and the standouts come from Marvel and Lucasfilm.

We already knew Marvel’s The Falcon and Winter Soldier would be debuting on March 19, but now we know it’ll be followed by Loki on June 11. Over at Star Wars, the new animated show The Bad Batch will be out, appropriately enough, on May 4. The other big sci-fi subject that was announced is Pixar’s first full length animated series, Monsters at Work. That’ll debut on July 2. Another title of note: Chip ‘N’ Dale: Park Life, which arrives July 23.

That sounds like an exciting summer of genre entertainment.

Loki takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame and sees Loki using the Tesseract to enter an alternate timeline. It co-stars Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Richard E. Grant. The Bad Batch follows a group of elite clone soldiers in a time period that takes place after their first appearance on The Clone Wars. Monsters at Work is the first proper sequel to Monsters Inc., as it takes place in a world where laughter, not screams, are the new fuel; Billy Crystal and John Goodman co-star, but the show mainly follows new monsters. The Chip ‘N’ Dale series, meanwhile, will feature the chipmunk duo (along with a slew of other classic Disney characters) having adventures while living in a big-city park.

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