Bye Bye iMac Pro. It’s Been Good Knowing Ya

Bye Bye iMac Pro. It’s Been Good Knowing Ya

Apple is discontinuing the iMac Pro and will sell the ones it has left “while supplies last,” according to a new message added to the desktop’s product page Friday.

MacRumors first spotted the new notice on the iMac Pro’s product page and then confirmed with Apple that the device is being discontinued. Apple told the outlet that once supplies run out, the iMac Pro will no longer be available. In fact, the only version available now is the standard version, which costs $7,299, as Apple has eliminated additional upgrade options.

Per MacRumors, Apple said that the 27-inch iMac it released last summer, which is likely to be the last with an Intel chip, is the preferred choice for the vast majority of pro iMac users. The company added that customers who need even more performance and expandability can choose the Mac Pro.

Released in 2017, the iMac Pro was released as Apple’s most powerful Mac computer at that time, or as we called it back in the day, its “super-powered workhorse.” Over the years though, it was never clear if the iMac Pro sold well. In fact, it did not receive substantial hardware updates since its debut.

Its place in the Apple family was also up in the air. As noted by 9to5Mac, the 2019 Mac Pro was also targeted at people who wanted a high-end workstation. It also faced sibling rivalry from the high-end iMac models in terms of performance.

In addition, keeping the iMac Pro on the shelves may have also made little sense for Apple since it’s reportedly planning to redesign the iMac and release new versions later this year. The revamped iMacs will ditch the Intel chip and replace it with Apple Silicon.

It’s reported that the 27-inch 2020 iMac will be the last to feature the traditional iMac design, or thick bezels around the display with an aluminium chin and a big Apple logo in the middle. If true, this would be the first overhaul of the iMac in nine years. The company is also purportedly working on two new Mac Pros, which is its most expensive desktop.

While we may be losing the iMac Pro, Appleworld appears to be full of exciting new products. Bye bye iMac Pro. It’s been good knowing ya.