Neil Gaiman Stars as Neil Gaiman in an Audible Original About Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman Stars as Neil Gaiman in an Audible Original About Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is Neil Gaiman in the role of a lifetime.

An upcoming Audible Original will explore the Neil Gaiman of it all in The Neil Gaiman at the End of the Universe. Written by Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency producer Arvind Ethan David, the 30-minute original production stars…Neil Gaiman. And also Jewel Staite, who is decidedly not Neil Gaiman.

[referenced id=”1232623″ url=”” thumb=”×157.jpg” title=”Like All of Us, Neil Gaiman Hopes There’ll Be More Good Omens” excerpt=”Amazon’s most beloved TV shows of 2019. And while you can certainly give yourself the gift of re-watching the six existing episodes, co-creator Gaiman remains hopeful the show will return in some form.”]

According to the press release, the plot goes like this: “A man awakens, adrift in deep space, with little memory of who he is — only to discover that he is the commander of a space mission, the rest of the crew is gone, and he is apparently a writer of some small renown named Neil Gaiman.”

Lest it seem like a vanity project for He-Whose-Name-I’m-Done-Typing, the production is actually for charity, with proceeds benefitting This Is My Brave, an organisation dedicated to empowering individuals by telling true stories of mental illness and addiction.

“Like everyone, I’ve had rather more isolation than usual in the past year, and one of the only things that has kept me sane is writing,” David said in a statement. “I woke up one morning with an idea for a story that spoke to the relationship between story-telling and mental health. It involved my famous and wonderful friend Neil Gaiman. I wrote to him and asked him if he would commit to acting in it if I wrote it, and told him it could be something for us to do together to raise funds for mental health. I warned him the idea was pretty weird. Neil’s response came at once: ‘I’m in. Right now nothing is too weird. Or maybe the too weird is the most sensible stuff of all.’ Which is of course proof of both Neil’s sanity and of his generosity.”

The Audible Original will premiere exclusively on March 18. The day prior, TIMB will host a one-time-only live world premiere preview event featuring a panel conversation with the creative team at 8 a.m. AEDT. Ticket sales for the event will also benefit TIMB.

You can get tickets here.