New Thor: Love and Thunder Set Pictures Reveal Some Big Cameos

New Thor: Love and Thunder Set Pictures Reveal Some Big Cameos

The Little Mermaid remake continues to grow its cast. Hugh Grant will menace the Dungeons & Dragons movie. Sanrio’s Hello Kitty movie finds a director. Plus, what’s to come on Superman & Lois and The Flash, and new Godzilla vs. Kong pictures. Spoilers get!

New Thor: Love and Thunder Set Pictures Reveal Some Big Cameos

Dungeons and Dragons

Hugh Grant has been cast as the currently undisclosed “villain” of the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons movie. Sophia Lillis has also boarded the project in an undisclosed role. [Deadline]

The Little Mermaid

Likewise, Deadline reports Jessica Alexander (Get Even, A Banquet) has joined the cast of The Little Mermaid in a currently undisclosed role.

Thor: Love & Thunder

New set photos confirm Matt Damon and Sam Neill will reprise their roles as “Actor Loki” and “Actor Odin”, respectively — alongside Melissa McCarthy as “Actor Hela” — to presumably recap the events of Thor: Ragnarok. Head over to the Daily Mail for more.


Kate Siegel, Jason O’Mara, and Dulé Hill will star in Hypnotic at Netflix, a thriller centering on “a young woman seeking self-improvement, who enlists the help of a renowned hypnotist. But after a handful of intense sessions, she soon discovers unexpected and deadly consequences.” Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote are attached to direct. [Variety]

The Refuge

Deadline also has word Renny Harlin (Deep Blue Sea, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master) is attached to direct The Refuge, a new horror movie from screenwriter Ben Sztajnkryce. The story follows Sergeant Rick Pedroni, “who comes home to his wife Kate changed and dangerous after suffering an attack by a mysterious force during combat in Afghanistan. Officials say her husband suffered a heavy brain injury, but Kate knows it is more than PTSD. As Rick undergoes unsettling therapy with other traumatized soldiers, Kate discovers he has been possessed by a malevolent spirit.”

Hello Kitty

Lindsey Beer (the upcoming Kingkiller Chronicle) is now attached to direct the live-action/animation Hello Kitty movie.

The Deep House

Bloody-Disgusting has the first official image from The Deep House, a new horror film from Inside directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo about a pair of YouTubers investigating a haunted house submerged at the bottom of a lake.

Photo: Radar Films
Photo: Radar Films

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Deadline additionally reports another remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night is in development from original producers Scott Schneid and Dennis Whitehead.

Black Adam

According to producer Hiram Garcia, production on Black Adam begins this April. [Comic Book]

Godzilla vs Kong

Total Film (via Games Radar) has three new photos of King Kong and Godzilla bathed in delightful bisexual lighting.

Photo: HBO Max
Photo: HBO Max
Photo: HBO Max
Photo: HBO Max
Photo: HBO Max
Photo: HBO Max

The Walking Dead

Michael James Shaw has been cast as the mysterious Mercer in the eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead. [Deadline]

Superman & Lois

According to Deadline, Superman & Lois has already been renewed for a second season on the CW.

Meanwhile, Clark and Jordan’s relationship frays (again) and Lois finds herself targeted in a new trailer for “The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower”.


A “this season on…” trailer tells you what to expect in the next few episodes of Debris.

The Flash

Finally, Barry fears “my heart is my enemy’s greatest weapon” in the trailer for next week’s episode of The Flash.

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