Why Dogecoin Fans Are Trying To Turn 4/20 Into Doge Day

Why Dogecoin Fans Are Trying To Turn 4/20 Into Doge Day

Mark your calendars for April 20 folks, because in addition to being International Weed Day, it looks like 4/20 is set to be Doge Day in the crypto world.

Considering the cryptocurrency that’s supported by billionaires like Elon Musk started out as a meme, it’s hardly surprising to think that its fanbase would try to send it to the moon in honour of 4/20.

Not only is it the day of the bong, but it’s also Elon Musk’s favourite day of the year. It’s unofficially been dubbed Elon Musk Day, and what better way to celebrate than by sending one of his favourite cryptos to the moon?

What’s So Special About 4/20?

Apart from the obvious weed-related content, Twitter is absolutely buzzing with Dogecoiners coming together to organise some sort of major push for April 20.

Of course, here in Australia this will be on April 21.

Obviously, it’s worth noting that nobody, especially not Dogecoiners on Twitter, can predict how the coin will rise or fall. So please take everything you read on the internet regarding crypto with a giant grain of salt. And please, do not go out and invest your life savings into DOGE after reading this article. I am not a financial expert.

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At the time of publishing, 1 DOGE is worth $US0.311 (approximately $0.40), but Dogecoiners are dedicated to sending it to the moon this week.

Many Dogecoiners are predicting the coin to hit 69 cents on 4/20, you know, because the whole currency is a giant meme.

Others are a little more optimistic and believe the coin will hit the coveted $1 mark.

Regardless of the amount, most Dogecoiners are in agreement that the coin will see some sort of major pump on 4/20.

But in addition to a bunch of crypto bros throwing $420 each into the coin, people believe that Elon Musk will make some sort of DOGE-related announcement that will see a spike in its value.

Predictions range from a meme of a blunt-smoking dog to Tesla accepting DOGE as payment.

Musk hasn’t teased anything 4/20-related yet, but he still seems hell-bent on sending Doge to the moon. So it’ll be interesting to see whether or not he pushes DOGE on his special day.

But despite every man and his DOGE tweeting about a potential spike on 4/20, it’s always worth doing your own research and not making financial decisions based on memes you saw on Twitter. I cannot stress this enough: this is not financial advice.

Disclosure: the author has a whole $50 invested in Doge.


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