The Creepy Doll Film Benny Loves You Could Give Chucky a Run for His Money

The Creepy Doll Film Benny Loves You Could Give Chucky a Run for His Money

Chucky is the king of the creepy doll killers, but there may be new contender in the form of a little red bear named Benny.

Benny is the star of Benny Loves You, a new horror thriller from writer, director, and lead actor Karl Holt. Holt plays a 35-year-old man who, down in a rut, decides to do a deep cleanse. That means tossing out all the childlike things he still keeps around — including Benny, the stuffed animal his mum gave him as a child. But Benny does not take that well and soon gets very stabby. Here’s the trailer for Benny Loves You.

So many thoughts about this trailer. The first one being, the design of Benny is excellent. It’s that perfect mix of “You thought it was cute when you were a child” versus “Holy crap that is scary as hell.” Next, that he’s red and carries sai as a weapon gives off some strong Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vibes. Always a good thing.

However, I will say, at least going by this trailer, that most of the Benny action scenes appear to be CGI, which doesn’t help the film. Technically, it was probably easier to do that, but we’re hoping there’s a good chunk of practical killer Benny in the film, and not just in shots when he’s not moving. Too much CGI could very easily make what’s supposed to be scary or funny just feel lame.

We won’t have to wait long too find out at least. Benny Loves You comes to select U.S. theatres on May 7 and on demand May 11.