Your New iMac Can Be Matte Black With Just $700 Worth of Vinyl Wraps

Your New iMac Can Be Matte Black With Just $700 Worth of Vinyl Wraps

Drawing inspiration from the iMacs of yesteryear, Apple’s new 24-inch iMac is available in a rainbow of colours, as well as grey, but that’s about it. The dark Space Grey option of recent Apple all-in-ones isn’t offered, but less than a week later, dbrand is stepping up to make your matte black 24-inch iMac aspirations a reality.

The company is known for its cases, replacement cover plates, and skins that allow the colours of countless devices — from phones to computers to consoles — to be temporarily customised using vinyl wraps, and that’s how the black 24-inch iMac of your dreams can be realised. dbrand seems to be pulling no punches as it weighed in on Apple’s recent design decisions on its website:

Tim Cook once said, “An iMac customer can have bezels in any colour that they want, so long as they’re white.” Baffled by this declaration, Apple’s product designers had no choice but to make it a reality with the iMac 24″ (2021). White display bezels, a huge chin, and an off-colour stand combine forces to create a profoundly ugly 24″ iMac that nobody’s happy with… except for us.

Calling the new 24-inch iMacs ugly might be a little strong, even if you hate the idea of colourising your desktop computer or a machine with a white bezel around its display, but the lack of Space Grey is undoubtedly disappointing for some users. It’s no longer completely out of the question, however, if you’ve got the time, patience, and a steady hand to apply a precision-cut vinyl wrap, dbrand now offers a set of decals to murder out your new iMac.

If the new iMac’s white screen bezel is the only thorn in your side, fixing it will cost you just $US50 ($65). But if you want your entire desktop machine to be matte black, including its support stand, you’re going to be dropping $US560 ($723) on the facelift.

Given the new 24-inch iMac starts at $1,899, that’s very expensive given it only addresses aesthetics, and you have to apply it yourself. “Easily-digested tutorial videos” will ensure a perfect finish, dbrand says. But if you’ve ever tried to perfectly apply just a screen protector by yourself, there’s good reason to be apprehensive.