Cameo, the Home for Loser Celebrities, Offers Trump a Platform

Cameo, the Home for Loser Celebrities, Offers Trump a Platform

Trump might have been kicked off of just about every major platform, but that won’t stop celebrity shout-out app Cameo from welcoming the former president with open arms.

Cameo CEO Steven Galanis said as much in an interview with Axios on Sunday, saying that in spite of Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube all cutting ties with Trump earlier this year, he’d be free to join Cameo’s cavalcade of D-listers and washed-up personalities if he wanted to.

“Trump has done nothing on our platform to violate our terms of service,” Galanis said — though it’s worth mentioning here that Trump’s never actually created an account on the platform, either.

While it doesn’t look like Trump has taken Galanis up on his offer just yet, there’s plenty of Trump-adjacent figures you can hire in the meantime. Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen has hundreds of five-star reviews, and Sebastian Gorka seems to be a favourite among people looking to buy birthday wishes for their friends.

Galanis’s statements come while the app is in the middle of talks to raise between $US100 ($129) million and $US1 ($1.4) billion as part of its next funding round. The platform — for better or worse — has seen an absolute boom of activity during the pandemic, with more celebrities signing up and more people paying out for their content. The company says that it sold close to one and a half million Cameo clips throughout 2020.

The statements also come in the midst of Facebook’s oversight board announcing it would uphold the platform’s decision to suspend Trump, though whether that suspension is permanent is still an open question.

Whatever happens with Trump’s online presence, it appears he’ll be rejoining us in meatspace fairly soon. The New York Post reports the former president will hold two new rallies in June with a third scheduled for July.

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