Why Is George R.R. Martin Going to the Hellfire Gala and Not Writing Winds of Winter?

Why Is George R.R. Martin Going to the Hellfire Gala and Not Writing Winds of Winter?

George R.R. Martin is a man known for one thing at this point: trying to finish The Winds of Winter, the latest, long-awaited novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga that gave us Game of Thrones. He’s had years and years, he’s had a global pandemic locking him down from appearing at conventions and whatnot. But now, instead of doing the only thing he should be doing — he’s swanning off to an island soiree!?

Mister Martin apparently decided that the natives of the sovereign nation of Krakoa were more important than the book fans who have waited over a decade to produce more than a preview here and there of The Winds of Winter. So, instead of delivering us pages — which he has repeatedly insisted he has — how dare this venerable author, crafter of beloved worlds and inspiration to one of the largest television series of the last 10 years, cast us aside to rub shoulders with elite stars like Eminem, Megan Rapinoe, Patton Oswalt, and Jimmy Kimmel! Doesn’t he know he owes us??

For some reason, comics publisher and Disney subsidiary Marvel Comics revealed the full guest list of international dignitaries attending 2021’s hottest event of the social calendar, which you can see below. And presumably be mad at, because these are the VIPs Martin will be swanning around with, instead of doing the only thing a man in his 70s should be doing: working. For us. The fans.

Honestly, enough is enough at this point. No matter how many times Martin has promised that Winds of Winter is just around the corner, it keeps getting delayed, and he keeps saying there’s been progress. But here we are, still waiting while he is escorted to some giant private island nation in the Pacific to — hang on a minute.

*Checks notes*

I’m hearing that… the Hellfire Gala is a fictitious event? In Marvel’s X-Men comics? And George R.R. Martin and all these other celebrities are just making cameos in panels and whatnot? And that he’s probably actually off somewhere writing The Winds of Winter and we should probably just leave him alone?

Ah. OK. Carry on then!

The Hellfire Gala begins in the pages of the entirely fictional Marauders #21, X-Force #20, and Hellions #12 this week.

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