Carol and Daryl’s Walking Dead Spin-off Will Be Different (Somehow)

Carol and Daryl’s Walking Dead Spin-off Will Be Different (Somehow)

This week may mark the beginning of the end for The Walking Dead, but like the zombies on the show itself, it’s pretty damn hard to kill. The final season is broken into three eight-episode arcs that will air into next year. Fear the Walking Dead is still on. A new season of World Beyond is coming. There’s also a Rick Grimes movie, an anthology show called Tales of the Walking Dead, and a spinoff show about fan-favourite characters Carol and Daryl. So yeah. The last season might be starting, but it’s not going anyway.

That last one is probably the most intriguing of the bunch because it has the deepest roots. Carol and Daryl, played by Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus, have been with The Walking Dead since day one. In fact, they’re the last remaining cast members from that time and certainly two of the most popular characters for those reasons and more.

Ever since news broke that their story would continue in a spinoff, it’s remained a mystery what that could be, mostly because fans have no idea where Carol and Daryl will be at the end of 24 additional episodes. But, in a new interview, Reedus offered up a tantalising (but very vague) quote.

“When we do come back for more, I think it’s gonna be a very different look, a very different show, a very different feel,” Reedus told the Wrap. He told the trade more too, but mostly about his feelings going into the final season of the show. He didn’t expand on what, exactly, could be different on the Carol Daryl show. Oh! Wait! There is it. Like WandaVision, maybe it’s CarolDaryl and it’s a sitcom about them starting a new home life!

We kid, but that’s pretty much as “different” as a show could get from The Walking Dead. More likely though, Reedus is probably hinting at some kind of radical change of setting or evolution to the zombie world all these shows currently take place in.

Say, for example, a cure is found at the end of the series, what follows would feel different. Or, if the U.S. was lost and the pair had to get on a boat to go to Europe, that would be different too. Really, it could mean anything. But mostly what it means is, somehow, the show won’t be just him and Carol with a whole bunch of weapons, on a motorcycle, driving around killing zombies. Though, honestly, that sounds like a solid show.