Netflix’s Kid Cosmic Is Blasting Off for 2 More Seasons Beginning This Spring

Netflix’s Kid Cosmic Is Blasting Off for 2 More Seasons Beginning This Spring

At the end of Kid Cosmic’s first season, Kid and the rest of the Local Heroes made a shocking series of discoveries that drastically changed their perspective on the battle they’d been waging against a race of alien “invaders.” After coming to their senses and deciding to do what’s right, the Local Heroes found themselves transported into outer space and tasked with an even grander new adventure.

Kid Cosmic’s first season didn’t end on a cliffhanger so much as it closed out by setting up the building blocks for its next chapter, which Netflix has finally officially announced along with a promise of yet another season. Along with a new teaser for season two, Kid Cosmic creator Craig McCracken also released a statement describing the series as a whole as “one of the most creatively rewarding experiences of my career.”

“Working in cartoons, it’s easy to get stuck making the same kind of episodes over and over again,” McCracken said. “But with Kid Cosmic, we loved the freedom to not only make each season different, but to allow the characters to grow, to change, and to learn from their experiences.”

After focusing on telekinetic Kid (Jack Fisher) in its first season, Kid Cosmic and the Intergalactic Truckstop! will shift to Jo (Amanda C. Miller), a teenager imbued with the ability to create portals in space that link one spot to another. Going forward, McCracken said, Kid Cosmic’s central focuses and the ideas at work will continue to shift.

“In these three seasons of Kid Cosmic, we get to explore the idea of what it truly means to be a hero, as each season focuses on a different character and a different theme,” McCracken explained. “In season one, the Kid learns that heroes help; in season two, Jo discovers that heroes care; and finally, in season three, it is Papa G who accepts that heroes sacrifice.”

If Kid Cosmic didn’t exactly grab you in its first season, there’s a chance that what’s coming next might be of more interest, given that it sounds like McCracken always intended for the show to evolve over time after establishing the basic elements of its universe.

There’s no word yet on when Kid Cosmic’s third season will debut, but the second season drops September 7 on Netflix.

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