The TGA Has Approved ECG Functions on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4, Here’s How It Works

The TGA Has Approved ECG Functions on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4, Here’s How It Works

Smartwatches continue to improve with every generation but their fancy new health features must adhere to approvals. Luckily, Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch4 has recently had its electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors cleared for use in Australia.

Samsung announced on August 18 that Australia’s health watchdog, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), had approved its ECG and blood pressure monitoring features.

ECG features will be coming to the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic when they release in Australia. A future software update will also make the Galaxy Watch3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 capable of ECG monitoring.

ECG monitoring allows users to record their heart rhythm via an electrocardiogram reading that can point to health issues like atrial fibrillation.

To use ECG functions the wearer can open the Samsung Health Monitor app and take a reading by placing their finger on the top button of the watch for 30 seconds.

The new Galaxy Watch4 will also be capable of blood pressure monitoring, making it the first smartwatch in Australia to be capable of both this and ECG readings.

To measure blood pressure, users will first need to enable the feature via the Samsung Health Monitor app on their Galaxy phone and then connect it to their watch. They must then calibrate their watch with a separate blood pressure cuff. Blood pressure readings can then be taken on-demand via the Galaxy watch.

It should be noted that the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods has only registered these functions as a medical device when the Galaxy Watch is connected to a compatible Galaxy smartphone.

These health features are also just indicators and don’t substitute actual medical advice. If you’re concerned about any of the results you receive from a smartwatch it’s best to speak to a doctor about it.

ECG monitoring is something Apple introduced into its smartwatches years ago. However, it was only approved by the TGA for use in Australia this year.

This announcement is definitely good news for those keen on snapping up Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch4 who will now be able to access all of its health features at launch.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 starts at $399 and the Galaxy Watch4 Classic goes for $549. Both will be released in Australia on September 10.