Buying A Tesla In Australia Just Got More Expensive

Buying A Tesla In Australia Just Got More Expensive

Tesla has hiked up its Australian prices for the Model S sedan and Model X SUV, despite the fact that you can’t actually buy either of the vehicles in Australia right now.

Neither of the models are in stock in Australia at the moment, but perhaps that will give you some time to save the extra $3,700 to $7,200 it’ll cost you to purchase one (plus on-road costs).

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The new price for the entry-level Model S in the long-range variant is now $141,990 (plus on-road costs and the luxury car tax), which is up a whopping $7,290 from its price last month.

Additionally, prices for the long-range Model X start at $161,990 before on-road costs and LCT. This is an increase of $3,722 from the $165,712 the vehicle would’ve cost you last month.

The news comes after similar price hikes of approximately $US5,000 were implemented in America, where shortages are also impacting customers ability to actually purchase a Tesla right now.

Meanwhile, the high-end ‘Plaid’ models — which are yet to actually be made available in Australia — maintain their $186,990 and $174,990 price tags for the Model S and Model X, respectively.

According to the Australian Tesla website, the Plaid tri-motor all-wheel drive models are expected to arrive down under in late 2022.

Both of the standard, long-range Model X and Model S vehicles are also not expected to return to stock until the end of 2022.

If you’re in the market for a Tesla in Australia right now, your options are the entry-level Model 3 (the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, Long Range and Performance are all available on the Design Studio), or a pre-owned model on the used car market.

The price hike comes just days after Tesla officially delayed its highly-anticipated Cybertruck earlier this week. The Cybertruck is now due in the US in 2022, with an Australian release date yet to be confirmed.

Gizmodo Australia has reached out to Tesla for comment on the price increase.

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