The Wonderful Looks Out of This World…Literally

The Wonderful Looks Out of This World…Literally

Most of your favourite space movies feature something going wrong. A malfunction. An invasion. It’s not just “Houston, we have a problem,” there’s always a problem. But that’s the movies. It’s fiction. In reality, while space is obviously a deadly place, being there isn’t always overly dramatic and intense. It can be tranquil. It can be beautiful. Gizmodo is excited to exclusively debut the trailer for a new documentary about the tiny number of people who’ve been able to experience that.

Editor’s Note: You can find the trailer here.

The Wonderful: Stories From The Space Station hits U.S. theatres and VOD on September 17.

Directed by Clare Lewins (I Am Ali), The Wonderful is comprised of personal testimonies and interviews with people who have lived on the International Space Station. Among the cast in The Wonderful are as follows: George Abbey, Oleg Artemyev, Ken Bowersox, Cady Coleman, Samantha Cristoforetti, Frank Culbertson, Mike Foale, Scott Kelly, Ginger Kerrick, Sergei Krikalev, Tim Peake, Holly Ridings, William Shepherd, Jamey Simpson, Josh Simpson, Sergey Volkov, Koichi Wakata, and Peggy Whitson. Check out the trailer.

A movie about people who’ve lived in space. What could be more fascinating than that? Who wouldn’t want to sit down and pick the brain of someone who has spent time out of this world (literally)? Just inquire about every single little detail. And, with The Wonderful, that seems like exactly what you’re going to get.

A glimpse into what many believe could very well be the future of humanity, if we’re to survive. Leaving Earth and living somewhere else. While, right now, that seems impossible, it’s not totally impossible. People are, and have, lived on the International Space Station.

The Wonderful looks like a movie that can live up to that title and show us the full breadth of human potential. As stated in the trailer, The Wonderful will be released in the U.S. on September 10 and released in other territories digitally on September 13.

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