Hawkeye’s New Poster Aims at Holiday Cheer

Hawkeye’s New Poster Aims at Holiday Cheer
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When Marvel’s Hawkeye releases in exactly one month, Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton’s going to be having a lot of problems. Trying to go back to his family after he went on that murder spree in Avengers: Endgame, things take a turn for the even worse when Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop shows up with some pretty good archery skills and also dressing up like his Ronin persona and pissing off gangsters. Already feeling like he needs to atone, Clint tries to take her under his wing.

It’s not Christmas if you’re not getting shot at or trying to get tickets for that Captain America musical, but hopefully Clint’s pain and screwups will make for some good television. To ring in the occasion, Marvel’s released the first official poster for the show, which features both archers in their iconic getups (well ok, Kate’s iconic getup, Clint’s on maybe his fifth or sixth costume by now), and also the fan-favourite Pizza Dog. And he’s got a little Santa hat on, because of course he does.

Marvel’s avenging archers will definitely have quite the experience ahead of them during their miniseries. If the gangsters weren’t enough, there’s also Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova showing up to kick Clint’s arse on account of that whole thing with the Soul Stone. The archers will hopefully have some kind of help in the form of Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez, a deaf Native American girl who will eventually become the superhero Echo.

Whatever happens in Hawkeye, we’ll almost certainly be seeing more of Bishop in the MCU. With a comic miniseries from Marieke Nijkamp and Enid Balám set to release in November as well, plus her debut in the Avengers game where she’s fairly fun to play, Marvel’s investing into the young archer as it seems like Clint’s prime to get out of the hero game.

Marvel’s Hawkeye releases November 24 on Disney+.