The Expanse’s Power Couple Faces New Conflict in This Exclusive Clip

The Expanse’s Power Couple Faces New Conflict in This Exclusive Clip

We already shared a clip from “Redoubt” — the upcoming fourth episode of The Expanse’s sixth and final season — revealing how Amos (Wes Chatham) reacted to finding out the truth about a certain very big moment in episode three. Now it’s time for Naomi (Dominique Tipper) to hear what happened directly from the guy responsible for said moment: Holden (Steven Strait).

The Expanse’s Power Couple Faces New Conflict in This Exclusive Clip

We set up the Amos clip already with some very similar context, but you’ll recall that during episode three, “Force Projection,” the Rocinante was able to render the ship occupied by the galaxy’s public enemy number one — Belter rebel Marco Inaros (Keon Alexander) dead in the water. It was a one in a zillion chance to finally take him out for good, but when the Roci took the kill shot, the missile landed perfectly… then turned out to be a dud. At least, that’s what all the characters thought — but we the viewers saw Holden flip the disarm switch at the last second, sparing the dreaded Marco but also Marco’s teenage son with Naomi, Filip (Jasai Chase Owens).

Now, Holden and Naomi have an astonishingly strong relationship that has survived test after test, with ongoing chaos surrounding them at all times. But how’s she going to react when she hears what he did? Watch this clip and find out.

“Filip looks a lot like you” is 100 per cent accurate — The Expanse casting is always top-notch, but Owens and Tipper legit look like they could be related in real life — so you can understand why Holden had the instinct to save him. But you also can’t blame Naomi for feeling instant anger at his decision. What will happen next in the conversation between these two? “Force Projection” arrives tomorrow on Amazon Prime to reveal the rest.

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