The Flash is Running Again for Season 9

The Flash is Running Again for Season 9

The Flash has been through several speedsters (both fairly good and pretty bad), alien invasions, and universe ending crises through its lifetime. Lest you think the current eighth season would be the last of the CW’s Scarlet Speedster, you are mistaken, because the show is coming back for season nine.

Grant Gustin’s contract has been finalised, and he’s set to return as the Arrowverse’s Scarlet Speedster for at least one more year. His new contract only allowing for 15 episodes, and season nine could be the shortest yet — COVID has capped the normally 22-episode seasons to be 19 episodes for season six and 18 for seasons seven and eight. A multi-year contract was on the table, but Gustin turned that offer down. With season nine, The Flash is now the longest running Arrowverse series, beating out its older series Arrow, which ended its eight season tenure back in 2020.

It may also wind up being the last season for the series, especially given that the CW as we know it could end up being a thing of the past. Surprisingly, the show also managed to do the impossible and survive being eliminated just before Ezra Miller’s version of Barry Allen ran to the big screen. (Recall that back when Arrow was on, it had a version of the Suicide Squad that was mostly scuttled entirely to clear the way for the cinematic version after doing a pretty good job establishing them.)

If this is the last season for the series, which the CW has yet to confirm, it’ll be interesting to see how it wraps everything up. As it is, they’ve already touched on just about every big part of the character’s mythos, from the various Forces of recent comics runs to the character’s family, as adult versions of Nora and Bart Allen are now in the present day for season eight. New episodes are starting up on March 9, so we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds in store for the CW’s golden child.