The New Scream Has a Hidden, Heartwarming Tribute to Wes Craven

The New Scream Has a Hidden, Heartwarming Tribute to Wes Craven

The latest Scream film, which is currently in theatres, is the first in the series not directed by horror legend Wes Craven, who passed away in 2015. It was a burden the new film’s directors, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, had on their minds throughout the entire production.

“We were essentially making a fan film,” Gillett told Gizmodo recently. “We were the voice of Wes in so many ways. So it was a really wild experience and a really meta experience, the making of this movie. To arrive at this moment where we are taking the reins from someone who has had an influence in our lives that, it’s hard to even describe how deep that influence goes.”

In a new interview though, the directors reveal one of the ways they specifically pay tribute to the director of Screams 1-4. And it’s both awesome as well as a little bit sad. It also touches on a minor spoiler so…

The New Scream Has a Hidden, Heartwarming Tribute to Wes Craven

In the film, a character named Wes, played by Dylan Minnette, is one of the people killed by Ghostface. That’s the spoiler. And the big party that acts as the setting for the third act is in his honour. There’s even a sign that says “For Wes,” which, of course, has dual meaning. In the movie, it’s for the character Wes. But for the filmmakers, it was for Wes Craven too. And that’s just the beginning.

Speaking to Bloody Disgusting, the directors revealed that for the moment when the characters in the movie propose a toast for Wes, they enlisted several actors and crew members from the previous Scream movies to record ADR to layer them in for a proper toast and tribute to Wes Craven.

“We got Jamie Kennedy to come back, he does the line, ‘Someone’s goofy arse dad is kicking us out at the party,’” Gillett said. “Henry Winkler, Adam Brody, Hayden Panettiere, they all are a part of the toast, the ‘to Wes’ toast, Patrick Lussier, Marco Beltrami, Wes’ widow Iya [Labunka]. We got everyone who knows Wes, including [Scream producer] Julie Plec. Their voices are all in that big toast at the party at the end.”

But that’s not all. The directors also revealed that both Drew Barrymore and Matthew Lillard have voice cameos. But you’ll have to head over to Bloody Disgusting to read about those.

The new Scream is currently in theatres. Read our director interview, review and spoilery dissection at those links.