7 TV Shows to Watch if You Liked Netflix’s The Witcher

7 TV Shows to Watch if You Liked Netflix’s The Witcher
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After a long wait, The Witcher Season 2 has come and gone and left another void in fantasy fans’ lives. The good news is that a third season of The Witcher is coming, but we’ll be waiting a while longer for it.

In the meantime, there are a few Witcher-y things you can indulge in. The Netflix show is based on a series of books by Andrzej Sapkowski, which you can read, or there’s also CD Projekt Red’s trilogy of The Witcher games.

There are even a few other things on Netflix you can try like The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf or the soon-to-be-released prequel series The Witcher: Blood Origin.

If you’ve barrelled your way through all of that Witcher content, however, here are a few other similar fantasy TV shows that should help you pass the time.

TV Shows you should watch if you liked The Witcher

Game of Thrones

Image: HBO

The most obvious candidate for The Witcher fans is the massive hit fantasy series Game of Thrones.

Prior to The Witcher’s release, everyone was comparing it to Game of Thrones. Could it possibly live up to the massive shadow left by the HBO show? Two seasons later and we know The Witcher has very much made its own name for itself, but if you want to see where all those comparisons came from put Game of Thrones on your list.

HBO’s fantasy series shares some obvious similarities with The Witcher. It weaves together multiple storylines, warring families and kingdoms and even features a monster or two. It’s the show that redesigned the fantasy genre on TV and, no matter how you feel about the ending, it’s a worthwhile ride for any Witcher fan.

You can watch Game of Thrones on Binge.

The Wheel of Time

wheel of time the witcher
Image: Amazon

A new fantasy offering from 2021 was the TV adaptation of Robert Jordan’s fantasy book series The Wheel of TimeThe Wheel of Time is more akin to The Lord of the Rings in terms of story but it shares plenty of similarities with The Witcher as well.

Set in a fantasy land full of magic and dangerous creatures, The Wheel of Time follows Moiraine, a sorceress from the powerful female order known as the Aes Sedai, who takes five young men and women on a journey to the Eye of the World with the belief that one of them is the Dragon Reborn and either save or destroy the world.

Watch The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime Video.

The Tudors

the tudors the witcher henry cavill
Image: Showtime

The Tudors isn’t a fantasy series per se but if you do want more Henry Cavill on your TV, this is the show for you.

Cavill plays Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk, who is a close friend and advisor of King Henry VIII (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers). The show explores the many intricate relationships the King has with his wives, friends and enemies during his 40-year reign and Cavill is blessedly a star in all four seasons.

Watch The Tudors on Stan.


legacies the witcher shows
Image: The CW

Legacies skews towards a younger audience but it’s no less full of monsters, mayhem and magic. The series is a successor to the teen drama series The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, and it follows a new generation of witches, vampires and werewolves at a magical boarding school.

The gang of teens comes up against a new mythological monster each week and, similar to Geralt, will use all sorts of magical methods to dispose of them.

Watch Legacies on Binge.


Image: Netflix

Keen for another dark medieval fantasy series based on a hit video game? Castlevania has got your back.

The anime series follows the monster hunter Trevor Belmont who opposes the forces of Count Vlad Dracula, a vampire who commands a demonic army that is terrorising the people of Wallachia. Belmont is aided by a sorceress and Dracula’s rebel son.

Watch Castlevania on Netflix.

Shadow and Bone

shadow and bone netflix streaming april
Image: Netflix (Supplied)

Another fantasy series that took Netflix by storm this year was Shadow and Bone. Based on the Grishaverse series of YA novels by Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone takes place in a land where an impenetrable darkness known as the Shadow Fold divides the land.

The show has magic, mystery and plenty of political in-fighting that is sure to intrigue fans of The Witcher.

Watch Shadow and Bone on Netflix.

A Discovery of Witches

a discovery of witches
Image: Sky

The complicated relationships between witches, vampires and humans is at the fore of A Discovery of Witches. The series, also based on a number of fantasy novels, follows a reluctant witch who is drawn back into the magical world in order to protect a bewitched manuscript.

Watch A Discovery of Witches on Binge.

Still stuck for a fantasy show to watch? Just re-watch The Witcher for the thousandth time over on Netflix. It’s never a bad day when bathtub Geralt is involved.