Here’s 90 Seconds of John Malkovich Going Full Malkovich

Here’s 90 Seconds of John Malkovich Going Full Malkovich

Nicolas Cage. Jeff Goldblum. Christopher Walken. There’s a short list of actors in Hollywood who, no matter what they’re in, you love to watch it because they’re just so… out there. Among those has to be John Malkovich and we’ve got a brand new clip of Malkovich proving exactly that.

The clip is from Chariot, a “dark thriller” arriving this week. The star of Con Air, In the Line of Fire, Space Force, and, of course, Being John Malkovich plays a “doctor” who claims to be able to assure people will be reincarnated. However, when one of his patients realises he keeps having the same dreams — dreams of his past life — the doctor has to fix the system.

Here’s an exclusive clip, which features Malkovich chewing the scenery with a Raggedy Ann hairstyle like only Malkovich can.

Why does Malkovich have his hair like that? What’s going on with Shane West’s character? You’ll have to watch Chariot to find out. But despite this certainly intense, weird, creepy scene, the film will mostly take the ideas of reincarnation seriously.

Chariot was my attempt not to give any explanation for what might or might not happen when we die,” the film’s writer-director Adam Sigal said in a statement. “I leave that to the religions, but to postulate the theory that perhaps reality is remarkably mundane, and that once we explain it away, it just becomes routine. Chariot asks, what if instead of pondering death, there was a corporation out there who handled it? You live, you die, they wash your memories clean and kick you back out there. Simple.”

Along with Malkovich and West, Chariot stars Thomas Mann (The Kings of Summer, Kong: Skull Island) and Rosa Salazar (Alita: Battle Angel). Chariot is out in theatres, on demand, and digital April 15. Here’s the full trailer.