If You’re Running a Business You Need to Be Using These Tech Tools

If You’re Running a Business You Need to Be Using These Tech Tools
This article is sponsored by Telstra.

Tech is crucial to all businesses. Whether it’s to grow your company or streamline a clunky process, there’s plenty of tech tools at your fingertips to make running your business easier. But with hurtling advancements, it can be hard to keep up.

We asked Vladimir Mitnovetski, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director at Dicker Data (a distributor of hardware, software, cloud and emerging technologies which works with companies big and small) how tech is changing businesses.

“Technology is engrained in everything we do and the role of technology in our lives and in business will only continue to grow exponentially,” says Vladimir. “Technology is a competitive advantage, almost regardless of industry or market. Businesses will continue to use technology to differentiate, to offer higher levels of service and to keep ahead of their competition.”

So, if you’re running a business, let’s make sure you’re harnessing the power of technology as much as you can. Try the following tech to catch up and keep ahead.

For increasing awareness

Vladimir explains that the last two years have seen an acceleration in businesses becoming more digitally savvy. If you have a brick-and-mortar store and are perhaps neglecting your digital presence – you don’t want to lag behind. It’s key to have a strong website to reach a wider net.

A Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tool like Google Analytics or Semrush helps you put your best foot forward. Using an SEO tool can help you fill your website with searchable keywords so your business ranks higher in Google search. That way, more people can find you organically. And while you’re levelling up your website, it’s worth opting for mobile-friendly web design and a simple and secure checkout option, too.

For growing your customer base

Trying to find ways to reach new customers can be tricky if you own a small business. That’s why Telstra is using its platform to launch an online marketplace – to help give you a leg-up in accessing customers. Telstra Plus Market is a digital platform which allows small and medium businesses to connect with a wide pool of customers. Participating businesses can share exclusive offers with Telstra Plus members who have signed up to the Telstra Plus Market platform. The offers are based on the member’s selected preferences and if they take up the offer, they earn Telstra Plus points to put towards new devices, accessories and tech in the Telstra Plus Rewards store. So, everybody wins.

In its trial phase, the program benefited companies like e-commerce business Muscle Mat.

“Muscle Mat started primarily with Facebook ads,” explains owner Hunter Stark. “We have certainly found digital marketing to be a much stronger and measurable sales platform for our business.”

Gaining access to a suite of other customers has helped Muscle Mat widen its reach.

“Telstra Plus market allowed us to tap into a demographic of customers that we may not have been able to otherwise reach.”

Telstra Plus Market has opened for business registrations and is expected to
launch to customers in the coming months. To help boost your online presence and customers all via one app, find out if your small business is eligible to take part in the program, here.

For improving efficiencies

Forget manual data entry and IT headaches by automating processes using cloud computing. You might already be using some form of cloud computing like Dropbox or Salesforce – it’s an umbrella term that covers accessing any computing services via the internet. Whether it’s being able to access work data from anywhere, knowing your files are backed up with cloud storage even if hardware fails, or saving money on IT overheads, cloud computing can cut out time and effort.

Plus, the Government’s going to reward small businesses for jumping on digital technologies like cloud computing. It was announced in the 2022 Federal Budget, that small businesses could get a tax deduction for every $100 spent on digital technologies like cloud computing, e-invoicing, cybersecurity and web design. Score.

For the bigger businesses

Turns out, your local coffee shop or grocery store might be taking strides with nifty tech, too. Hospitality venues have started using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to automatically monitor equipment and stock.

“We have customers that are doing temperature monitoring for the fridges and freezers in RSL clubs and supermarkets, removing the need for a person to manually conduct this process,” says Vladimir. “These investments in tech are exciting because it reduces the administrative overhead for a business and enables their staff to focus on customer service and business growth.”

So, instead of noticing something off in the fridge, or catching a nasty whiff coming from the freezer, temperature data can be tracked and a problem can be jumped on immediately – before it’s too late and thousands of dollars of food ends up going to waste.

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Whether you’re a florist, greengrocer or run an e-commerce site, stay on top of tech trends to keep up and keep thriving. As Vladimir says, “Businesses need to think of technology as one of their most strategic assets and if they’re not investing in their technological future, their competitors will be.”

Telstra Plus Market is provided by Telstra. Offers & payment are direct with the business. Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply.

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