The Crucial Software Every Small Business Needs in 2022

The Crucial Software Every Small Business Needs in 2022
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Any business that failed to modernise its tech was forced to play catch-up when the pandemic hit.

In a report that surveyed over 2500 small and medium businesses, 71% say their’s survived the pandemic because of digitisation. But just because your business made it through, doesn’t mean the investment in tech should slow down.

The same report showed that growing SMBs are more likely than stagnant or declining ones to leverage technologies. So, whether it’s to solve problems like slow customer service, complicated internal communication or time-consuming marketing campaigns, use tech to streamline it now. You never know what global event could be around the corner next, so keep making strides in the digital space while you can.

On that note, customer relationship management (CRM) software can solve a few common problems. Here’s three ways take advantage of it to help grow your small business.

Give the people what they want

We love scoring gifts from people who remember what we like. So, give existing and potential customers that same feeling to keep growing your business.

Use an AI-powered tool to do all the ‘remembering’ hard work for you and give your customer a more personalised experience.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud does exactly this by clocking your customer’s experience with your brand from multiple touch points and putting it all into in one nifty spot. That way, you have a 3D view of who each customer is and what they like. Automatic updates on shipping, personalised ads and customised offers at the checkout can then take things up a notch for your customers. Max impact for min effort.

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Sale away

Cloud-based CRM software is a huge help for remote or hybrid businesses In particular, for sales reps who are away from their desks and selling up a storm to grow your business, a CRM platform that allows them to manage everything on-the-go can make a world of difference.

Salesforce Sales Cloud gives reps access to their CRM via a mobile app while on the road. That way they can respond to leads, send automatic follow-up emails after calls and check in on their dashboard to see how that growth is ticking along. Who needs the office?!

Smoother service

If you’ve worked hard on building up your customer base, the last thing you want is to lose them. And, nothing turns us off a business more than shoddy customer service, so work on streamlining that area of your biz.

Retain your growing customers by overhauling your service. Embracing AI to streamline live chat, triage queries and assist service operators with answering potential problems can save your business time and effort. Salesforce’s Service Cloud can help you build-a-bot without having a lick of coding experience.

Whether you’re selling clothes or running a little cafe, input some smart CRM solutions into your business now, so you’ll eventually be able to scale up with ease.

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