Sega May Announce a Dreamcast Mini This Week

Sega May Announce a Dreamcast Mini This Week

The big question on all our minds right now is this: Will Sega announce the retro revival of their big slay Sega Dreamcast this week? Or their flop-era Sega Saturn?

A tweet posted by the official Sega account has announced an upcoming livestream happening this Friday at 9:00PM AEST.

The Google translation of this tweet reads as follows:

Urgent notice!

Live broadcast to announce Sega’s new project will be delivered from 20:00 on June 3 (Friday)

Appearance is [Hiroyuki Miyazaki] [Yosuke Okunari] … … Does that mean?

Sega truly one-upped anybody wanting to spark the rumour mill and did the dang thing themselves. So why do they highlight the appearance of Miyazaki and Okunari in particular? Let’s discuss.

Yosuke Okunari is a producer at Sega, and has almost exclusively worked on retro re-releases for the company for the past 15 years. This includes his work on Sega Ages 2500 for the PlayStation 2, Sega 3D Classics for the Nintendo 3DS, and Sega Ages for the Nintendo Switch. Most notably, he was the contents lead for the Sega Mega Drive Mini.

Hiroyuki Miyazaki is an executive manager at Sega that has worked most recently as the project lead on the Sega Mega Drive Mini. Not only did they work together on the Sega Mega Drive Mini, but they were the two representatives that announced the retro console at the Japanese Sega festival in 2019.

Considering Okunari has said in an interview with Famitsu that the next Sega retro console release could potentially be the Dreamcast back in 2020, it definitely seems like that’s going to be the direction they’re heading in. We’ve already seen somebody make their very own Dreamcast Mini, so I can safely say that there’s definitely a strong fan backing behind a possible official release of a Dreamcast Mini.

Me personally? I’m keen for it. I apologise if this makes anybody feel old, but I was 3 years old when the Sega Dreamcast came out, so I never really got into it. Not only that, but we were a Nintendo 64 household. In saying that, there are heaps of games for the Dreamcast that I’ve known about but never got to play, like Jet Set Radio, Shenmue and Space Channel 5.

Also, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on the GameCube is my all-time favourite Sonic game, so I’d be keen to give the original Sonic Adventure a red-hot go on the chunky controller it was made for.

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