Against All Odds, Spider-Man Joins Marvel’s Metal Midnight Suns Video Game

Against All Odds, Spider-Man Joins Marvel’s Metal Midnight Suns Video Game

Between the Spider-Man: Homecomings and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesses and the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunders, you might have forgotten there’s a Marvel video game on the way that looks exceedingly rad. That game is a tactical RPG titled Midnight Suns, based on a rather obscure ‘90s comic series — but rest assured there’ll be nothing obscure about the game, at least now that a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man will be making his appearance.

This new trailer for Midnight Suns doesn’t show off any new gameplay, but it does reveal ol’ Web-Head will join the fight against Satan’s ex-wife Lilith alongside Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Blade, and the X-Men’s Magik, along with your sword-wielding main character. Luckily for Lilith, she has a few recruits of her own:

Yep, that’s a demonic version of Venom and the Hulk, and I’d be absolutely shocked if she didn’t have a few more familiar faces with new demon horns attached to them waiting in the wings.

While Midnight Suns was originally due to come out this past March, the current release date is October 7. Seems reasonable enough to me.

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