Spider-Man: No Way Home Hungers for Your Wallet, Returning to Theatres in September

Spider-Man: No Way Home Hungers for Your Wallet, Returning to Theatres in September

Perhaps you recall a movie by the name of Spider-Man: No Way Home from late last year. Little indie darling that it was, it was a pretty big win for the box office to close out 2021, serving as the highest grossing movie of the year and one of the biggest box office films of all time. Unless you’re doing it for a world record, you probably have no real reason to see it in theatres again. And yet…

Come September 2nd, No Way Home’s making a second theatrical run with the “More Fun Stuff” version. This version, at least according to Marvel’s website, will come with extended and added scenes for “more Spidey,” which is just cryptic enough to make you consider shelling out for those tickets. Presumably, these are deleted scenes that weren’t packed into the film’s home release that you can pick up on physical and digital markets right now.

The point of No Way Home’s theatrical return — besides adding more money to its hoard, obviously — is meant to be a celebration of the character in both his comic and film formats. Last month, the entire Spider-Man film franchise that began with Tobey Maguire, Sam Raimi, and one beautiful song turned 20 years old. And this August will mark the 60th birthday of our original wallcrawler Peter Parker, who debuted in the pages of August 1962’s Amazing Fantasy #15. Those stars aligning perfectly means that Sony and Marvel want to commemorate the happy coincidence by making their already pretty successful 2022 even more successful. Not like anyone does much of anything on Labour Day Weekend to begin with, right?

Tickets for No Way Home’s second theatrical run will begin on August 9th. Feel like seeing the movie again with other fans, or did you get your fill all the way back in December?

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