Facebook Is So Desperately Trying to Be TikTok

Facebook Is So Desperately Trying to Be TikTok

The only thing constant is change, and the same is true for Facebook’s interface. Meta announced a massive overhaul to the social media’s app interface that more closely resembles TikTok (but they’ll probably never say that).

In a world of social media monoliths, some break the mould while others struggle to hold on. TikTok changed the game with its endless scrolling and content algorithm that is eerily good at gauging what you might like to watch, and it appears that Meta is taking a similar — and shameless — approach to the Facebook app. The company announced Thursday that the Facebook app is getting a massive overhaul that may or may not be inspired by TikTok, according to Axios. Beginning today, the app will feature two feeds: One will include a vertical display of images, videos, and status updates from family and friends, and another called “Suggested For You” that will feature content from strangers that Meta thinks you’ll like — sounds a lot like TikTok’s “For You” page.

This move is seen as a push from Meta to transform Facebook away from a “news” platform and into an entertainment platform. The company has apparently said that this an opportunity to give users more control over what they can see.

Facebook’s facelift comes after a leaked document revealed Meta’s intentions to pivot away from content shared by friends and family last month with the implementation of a “Discovery Engine” that will help cater to connecting users to each other. Axios, quoting a source, also states that this move is a response to recent policy pressure for social media platforms to ensure data privacy for users as well as take accountability for the spread of misinformation.

On a surface level, it’s a really ridiculous pivot. Facebook was once the social media app, but is now floundering amidst a mass exodus and legal pressure. On a whole though, it appears that social media apps are trying to steal the best features away from each other, with most blatantly ripping off TikTok.

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