Stranger Things Got Eddie a Little Help With His Outrageously Rad Guitar Solo in the Finale

Stranger Things Got Eddie a Little Help With His Outrageously Rad Guitar Solo in the Finale

It’s no spoiler to say that Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) is just as talented at playing the electric guitar as he was at being a Dungeon Master. But to learn the truth behind the most badass moment in Stranger Thingsfourth season finale and you somehow haven’t watched it yet, well, you know what that means.

Stranger Things Got Eddie a Little Help With His Outrageously Rad Guitar Solo in the Finale

Everyone’s favourite new season four character, Eddie, got a chance to be a hero by drawing away the swarms of demo-bats from Vecna’s lair so Nancy, Steve, and Robin could infiltrate it and set the former One on a great deal of fire. Eddie did this in the raddest way possible — by playing Metallica’s 1986 hit “Master of Puppets” on the roof of his camper at full volume. Guys, if you haven’t watched someone play peak Metallica, thrashing on top of a camper, behind a blood-red, lightning-filled sky, while surrounded by winged demon monsters, all I can say is that you are missing out.

Alas, neither the fictional character Eddie nor the real actor Quinn were able to give the performance at the level of head-banging required of the scene, so the show enlisted Tye Trujillo, son of Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo, to record the solo, with a little help from Metallica’s lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, according to none other than the senior Trujillo himself:

“**Spoiler Alert** That’s my boy! Proud of ya Tye! Stranger Things finale shredding it on “Master of Puppets” and big thanks to @kirkhammett on helping!”

If you were somehow worried that the other members of Metallica didn’t approve of the use of their song, don’t be — they loved it.

“The way The Duffer Brothers have incorporated music into Stranger Things has always been next level, so we were beyond psyched for them to not only include “Master of Puppets” in the show, but to have such a pivotal scene built around it. We were all stoked to see the final result and when we did we were totally blown away… it’s so extremely well done, so much so, that some folks were able to guess the song just by seeing a few seconds of Joseph Quinn’s hands in the trailer!! How crazy cool is that?”

“It’s an incredible honour to be such a big part of Eddie’s journey and to once again be keeping company with all of the other amazing artists featured in the show.”

Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” will likely be the song people think of when they think of Stranger Things season four, or maybe just the show entirely from this point, given how prominently and effectively it was used in Volume 1. But personally, I’ll never get the image of Eddie rocking the hell out in a hell full of demons, and I never want to, either.

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