Unlike a Local Council, Your Tesla Model S/X Will Now Remember Where the Potholes Are

Unlike a Local Council, Your Tesla Model S/X Will Now Remember Where the Potholes Are

Select Tesla vehicles just got one hell of a system update, allowing them to adjust the suspension accordingly to potholes and rough road.

The 2022.20 update, outlined by the “Not a Tesla App” release notes (set to be updated as more is learned), includes several software updates separate from the potholes and suspension capability (though those are definitely highlights).

“Tesla Adaptive Suspension will now adjust ride height for an upcoming rough road section,” Not a Tesla App outlines.

“This adjustment may occur at various locations, subject to availability, as the vehicle downloads rough road map data generated by Tesla cars. The instrument cluster will continue to indicate when the suspension is raised for comfort. To enable this feature, tap Controls > Suspension > Adaptive Suspension Damping, and select the Comfort or Auto setting.”

Looking out my Sydney apartment window during this flooding rain and realising how many roads may become messed up as a result, this feature might actually come in handy on rougher roads, although keep in mind that it is reliant on Tesla road map data, compiled by Teslas out on the road (it might not be entirely perfect). Also, keep in mind that, as pointed out by a user in the Tesla Motors Club forum on the latest update, this feature is only available to models with adaptive suspension (the Model S and Model X).

With that in mind, potholes and poorly surfaced roads should be remembered by Teslas after being mapped… By other Teslas. It’s a cool feature, absolutely, but someone’s Tesla needs to traverse that poorly sealed road or that half-foot-deep pothole.

Additionally, some of the other features of the update are pretty cool and apply to all Tesla vehicles, not just the Model S and Model X:

  • A chime notification sound will now play when the traffic light you are stopped at turns green.
  • The seat belt will now start to tense earlier if the car begins to predict a frontal crash.
  • Tesla’s maps system will now display range estimates upon arrival at your destination.
  • You can now reset tire configuration directly after a tire rotation, swap or replacement.

The update is currently being rolled out to Tesla vehicles, at least according to the Tesla Motors Club. You can read the patch notes on Not a Tesla App. Expect it to take an hour or so to install.

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