Instagram Is Testing Out Ways to Make Your Feed Less Annoying

Instagram Is Testing Out Ways to Make Your Feed Less Annoying

After bombarding people’s feeds with unwanted content, Instagram has realised its mistake. The social media platform is testing out ways for users to have more control over what pops up on their Explore page and regular feed by informing the app on what they don’t want to see.

Instagram is testing two new features, as well as highlighting already existing features that can better shape one’s timeline, the company announced on Tuesday. The first tool lets users mark multiple posts on their Explore page as “Not Interested,” which automatically removes the posts and refrains from showing similar ones in the future. The platform is also testing a tool that lets users stop seeing suggested content with certain words, phrases, emojis, captions, and hashtags that they have added to a list on their account.

The company also highlighted certain features already on the platform that help users see more of what they like pop up on their screens. Those features include the “favourites” tool that lets you add certain accounts to a list that prioritises their posts, or lets you view a feed of coveted content. There’s also the “Following” feature that lets users only view content posted by accounts that they follow in a chronological order (ah, like the good ol’days). The social media platform also has a feature to snooze suggested posts, allowing users to take a 30 day break from the unwanted content.

Instagram has been changing up its feed in ways that mimic its rival TikTok. But the changes have prompted the platform’s users to speak out about how much they hate the new Instagram. And you know things were really bad when one of the most followed people on Instagram, Kylie Jenner, pleaded to bring the old Instagram back. Jenner’s opinion on social media is rather important, when she tweeted to complain about Snapchat’s new layout in 2018, the company went on to lose $US1.3 ($2) billion.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri responded to the concerns regarding the platform’s new feed saying that the company is experimenting with different changes to the app. But he also clarified that while he loves the photos on Instagram, he sees the future of the platform leaning more towards video. So while Instagram may not be returning to its old ways, it might be trying to give disgruntled users more ways to get a nostalgic glimpse into the way their feed used to be set up.

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