Upgrades for Amazon’s Echo Dot and the One With a Clock

Upgrades for Amazon’s Echo Dot and the One With a Clock
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Amazon held an invite-only event today to introduce a batch of new connected devices to its smart home ecosystem, and we’re here to share the deets.

Here, we’ll walk you through Amazon’s family of new Echo smart speakers.

A Dot and a Clock

The Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock are the next-generation versions of their predecessors. They’ve been updated with a new audio architecture, which includes a full-range driver and what Amazon calls “the highest excursion speaker” of any of its Echo Dot devices. The company promises clear vocals and “up to double the bass” over the previous gen of devices. Unfortunately, there are no clear stats on driver size or the like yet.

The Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock also have new processors and sensors for Alexa to perform contextual commands. That’s all part of Amazon’s idea of ambient computing, and it’ll be interesting to see it in action. The company says you’ll be able to set up actions that turn on a connected gadget when the Echo Dot senses you’ve entered a room. There’s also an accelerometer in the Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock that enables gesture controls, and the Echo Dot with Clock has high-density LED “dots” so you can peek at things like calendar events and the weather from afar, even in direct sunlight.

Echo Dot (5th Gen) is available in Charcoal, Glacier White and Deep Sea Blue for $79. Echo Dot with clock is available in Cloud Blue and Glacier White for RRP $99. The devices are all available for pre-order now and will start shipping next month.

Echo Studio improves a tad

The Amazon Echo Studio in white.  (Image: Amazon)
The Amazon Echo Studio in white. (Image: Amazon)

Need bass? That’s the point of the Echo Studio, which isn’t getting a huge upgrade though it is available in a new colour now. Amazon said it tweaked the software inside the device to help enhance its existing spatial audio processing technology. However, there’s no specific date on when this update will roll out to existing Amazon Echo Studio hardware. If you want to buy a new one, the Echo Studio costs $329.

Halo Rise and Shine

The Halo Rise is a new product altogether. But sadly, it’s not coming to Australia. It belongs to Amazon’s Halo family of wellness-centric devices, though you can’t wear it. Instead, the Halo Rise sits on your nightstand and works as a sunrise alarm clock.

Halo Rise can read various information about your room to help optimise your snoozing environment. It detects ambient light and humidity levels. And it uses location data to sense the outside world and how it might affect your slumber. It uses no-contact sensor technology and machine learning to track your movements and how you slept through the night. Amazon says it validated its sleep algorithm with sleep clinics to ensure accuracy.

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