Here’s the 11 Podcasts Spotify Just Axed

Here’s the 11 Podcasts Spotify Just Axed

Tech layoffs appear to be striking everywhere, and Spotify is the latest victim. The streaming company has reportedly laid off 38 employees from its Gimlet and Parcast studios, which produce Spotify Original podcast content. With the layoffs come the cancellation of 11 of those Spotify Original podcasts, 3 from Gimlet and 8 from Parcast.

“Yesterday Spotify told show teams that their podcasts were being cancelled because of low numbers,” Gimlet Union and Parcast Union said in a joint statement on October 7. “But decisions Spotify leadership made directly contributed to those low numbers.”

The unions allege that some of these shows lost as much as 75% of their audiences, which led to the layoffs, and that producers and hosts were given “as little as an hour” to finish their work upon learning they were laid off. Spotify did not immediately return Gizmodo’s request for comment.

How to Save a Planet

How to Save a Planet from Gimlet explored the issue of climate change, but the show opted to take a more optimistic approach to the topic by educating listeners on different ways the climate crisis is intersecting with their lives. How to Save a Planet premiered in August 2020, and was hosted by Gimlet’s co-founder and editorial director Alex Blumberg and featured several different guests across its episodes.

Crime Show

Gimlet’s Crime Show threw a wrench in the true-crime formula. The podcast sought to uncover all of the messy details surrounding crime cases, with special attention given to the emotional toll these cases took on those involved. Crime Show was hosted by Emma Courtland and premiered in March 2021.

Every Little Thing

Every Little Thing was a call-in show that tried to answer some of the odd little questions that listeners wanted to ask. The Gimlet podcast covered how to dig up graves, why auctioneers talk so fast, and who first discovered cheese, among other questions the series explored. Every Little Thing was hosted by Flora Lichtman and premiered in April 2017.

Medical Murders

Medical Murders is exactly what it sounds like: A podcast that chronicles the crimes committed by some of the most notorious killer doctors. Medical Murders was first released in August 2020 by Parcast and was hosted by Alastair Murden with guest appearances from Dr. David Kipper.

Female Criminals

Since March 2018, Female Criminals has been breaking the glass ceiling for criminals everywhere. The Parcast series explores some of the most heinous examples of women as murderers, gangsters, and thieves. Female Criminals was hosted by Vanessa Richardson and Sami Nye.

Crimes of Passion

Parcast’s Crimes of Passion, hosted by Lanie Hobbs, analyses the relationship dynamics and psychology that led to the real relationships that descended into a crime. The show’s first episode aired in February 2019.


How did some of history’s most ruthless dictators rise to power? Parcast’s Dictators highlighted one dictator every episode by examining the life of different dictators and the conditions that allowed them to rise to power. Dictators was first released in January 2020 and was hosted by Kate Leonard and Richard Rossner.


Vanessa Richardson hosted Parcast’s Mythology, a foray into humanity’s greatest myths. Each episode would feature a dramatized account of different myths and pieces of folklore, followed by an analysis into their history and origins. Mythology first teased its show in November 2018.

Haunted Places

Haunted Places explored, well, haunted places. The Parcast series was first released in October 2017 and was hosted by Greg Polcyn, who would discuss the supernatural history behind some haunted places.

Internet Urban Legends

Internet Urban Legends covered unsolved mysteries across the internet, and was hosted by the Gruesome Twosome consisting of sceptic Eleanor Barnes and evidence expert Loey Lane, who were beauty gurus turned hosts of the Parcast series. Internet Urban Legends began releasing episodes in April 2021.

Horoscope Today

Parcast’s Horoscope Today put a twist on the classic podcast format of one episode a week, with 12 separate series each releasing a short episode every day. Each of the 12 series corresponded to each of the 12 zodiac signs, and listeners would be greeted with their outlook for the future every day with a new episode. While cancelled, Horoscope Today will continue to produce episodes until mid-2023 according to Variety.

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